Why You Should Share A Personal Story In Your Cover Letter

Welcome to Coaching Moment. This is a series where the Work It Daily team will sit down and give you some straight-talk advice on comments we’re getting here on YouTube.

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Do you feel like it’s cringey to share a personal story in a cover letter? In today’s episode, JT O’Donnell shares her advice on why it’s important to share a personal story in a cover letter.

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so you know these days you need to personalize your cover letter but are you worried about giving too much information my name is JT O’Donnell and welcome to coaching moment this is the series that helps you remove the roadblocks to career success so we had one of our viewers actually write a comment on one of our existing cover letter videos it’s really popular actually if you haven’t checked it out make sure that you do so and she wrote curious cat wrote you know examples and personal stories around myself are amazingly cringy maybe it’s okay to do in the US but in Europe we’re more conservative and we really don’t share those kinds of stories and so the one thing I want to say here is that this individual probably missed the point of what we meant about creating a disruptive cover letter what we’re trying to do when we create a cover letter today is get the reader’s attention and I’m not suggesting that you go with too much information and get all sappy or personalized emotional tell them things that they really shouldn’t know about you that’s not the point of a disruptive cover letter what I do want you to do is to think long and hard about how you’ve come to know that what this company does is smart is savvy is good for customers why do they exist and how do you know that what they do is spot on you have to make this connection in that cover letter and sharing a story maybe from your professional past something that you’ve done that helped you understand that that is going to get their attention and get them to understand that you know what you’re talking about that you would be a good member of the organization here’s what I do know as someone who’s worked with thousands of hiring managers and recruiters they are looking for people to join their tribe they know that they can teach you whatever you need to learn but they can’t give you that internal motivation for the work and so you get that internal motivation by being inspired by what they do and that’s why these disruptive cover letters are so effective every single day no joke we have people inside the work at daily platform who work with us to create disruptive cover letters like this and they get interviews with their dream companies and these companies say that’s the best cover letter I’ve read in so long why is that because it’s unique because it’s personalized based on your experiences and how they connect you to them how it shows you’re part of their tribe so what I’m saying is you don’t have to get to personal no TMI here but you do have to create that connection and you do it through the personalization of sharing your experiences okay was this helpful questions come and feedback you know what to do put them down below of course I really hope to see you in the next video and until that time please remember this if you want to win the career game you’ve got to work it daily..


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