Which Army Mos Converts To Civilian Life?


what’s going on guys so you decided to join the army and right now you’re going through that phase where you’re trying to pick your MOS but you don’t really know what to pick because maybe you don’t know what you like or you don’t know what my siz gonna help you after the military so in the civilian life which MOS is gonna help you and today I’m gonna talk about that so recently I’ve gotten a few questions about picking an MOS because it seems like right now my channel has now started to transition into the next year of future soldiers so recently when I first started this channel or first start making army videos back in April of this year that was kind of the beginning of the 2017 soldiers leaving for basic training and now I’m starting to see people saying that they’re leaving or wanting to leave next summer so they’re in high school and they’re not gonna leave until 2018 so you guys are going through this phase where you’re trying to pick your MOS my little brother who is a junior in high school he’s wanting to and listen to the military and he’s looking through MOS and stuff and he’s going through the same issues right now that I went through at first when you’re just looking through goarmy. com and you’re trying to look through all these different jobs and MLS’s and you don’t know which one to pick and then on top of that you’re wanting to think long term or at least you should be thinking long term so if you want to be in the military for four years and get out or you’re wanting to be in the military for 20 years then get out either way you’re gonna be in the military and then at some point you’re going to leave so which career path that you’re which career path or MOS are you going to pick that’s going to best benefit you in the civilian life after the military that’s a really really important question if you haven’t thought about that that’s something you do have to think about and people who are in the military for a really long time go through the same thing and they have to transition out of the military go into the civilian life and their job their experience and stuff will help them whenever they transition so which which which job which in which should you actually pick that’s gonna be best for you in civilian life after the military so I think I have a fairly unique opinion on this or kind of unique opinion on this and what unless you should pick in that it almost doesn’t really matter what MOS you pick as far as what’s gonna benefit you in the civilian life I’ve heard this from a few of my higher ups and my PMS and RTC talked about this before I think two weeks ago and that when you’re in the military regardless of your MOS you’re gonna learn different leadership skills you’re gonna learn different organizational skills you’re gonna learn how to deal with people and you’re not only gonna learn how to deal with people you’re gonna learn how to deal with people in stressful situations you’re gonna learn how to deal with time Hanks right so you’re gonna learn all these business skills all these personal development skills that are gonna build you up into being a very professional person after the military and that is really really key because that is just across the board no matter what MOS you are if you’re supply if you’re transportation if you’re infantry if you’re you know signal like myself whatever in Wes you pick you’re going to be built up those professional skills are gonna be built up your personal relationship skills with dealing with you know planning some kind of training event or going through some kind of training man at some point you’re gonna be put at no matter what rank you’re in at some point you’re going to be put in some leadership position that a lot of you guys especially if you’re in high school you may have never been in a leadership position where just all of a sudden you’re throwing and thrown into this position where you’re in charge of this event or you have to figure out this one little section of the event and you’re in charge of you know four or five six people some people I have never experienced that some people they go through high school they go through college and they don’t really have any experience dealing with groups with people dealing with real problems and real life situations that you don’t really encounter in school they’re just a project you know oh I’m a team leader for this project when when nobody really cares about it but when you have that real experience dealing with a problem dealing with a real world situation that is really beneficial as far as real world experience and what I had just previously touched on before with my PMS he had talked to us a little bit about the jobs and right now we’re about to get our branches for the army so I just got or I just got my component which is the Army Reserve which is what I was given what I wanted and in November so about exactly a month I’m gonna find out which branch I’m gonna get which is you know more than likely Si. C the signal branch hopefully cyber but as of right now I’m having a little I’m just like I don’t I don’t know if that’s ever gonna happen but I’m about to get assigned to branch by the Army right all right I picked my top three choices but I’m not necessarily the one picking them well as far as those civilian side goes right your military experience is going to help you get that job okay so if you have if you’re picking the MOS and it might not even be anywhere near related to the career that you want to have after the military if you join infantry and let’s say you make it up and you go up to Staff Sergeant or something and that experience that you get leading people is going to help you when you transition out of the military and you want to get a job you’re going to be much more likely to get like a management position job where you’re going to get paid more right because you’re going to be used to those management skills you’re gonna have those skills already developed that employers are looking for so something that I want you guys to think about when you’re picking your MOS is number one you want to pick something that is somewhat related to what you like right so what are your interest are you interests interested in computers like myself well then you know something tech related because for me ever since I was a little kid I like taking apart electronics just kind of seeing all the components and stuff like that in high school I took an electronics engineering class so technology has always interested me so I’ve picked a technology field whenever I joined a couple of years ago for you you could like you know just blowing things up or working on vehicles you maybe may like the mechanical stuff pick something that is in the general sphere of what you want it does not have to be the direct correlation right so if I want to be X job I don’t have to pick another job in the military that directly correlates with that just something similar in the same field would be preferable but what I don’t want you guys to get too much too caught up into is how this army MOS has to directly correlate to a civilian job because what does directly correlate in every situation is the experience the managed management opportunities the working with other people and dealing with problem solving in situations those are the things that actually matter in the real world some of you guys may be a little bit older and you’re maybe wanting to join the military and you know exactly what I’m talking about okay so in the real world so like after high school after college and I’ve had job I have a job currently that’s you know a job but I’m still technically finishing my last year at college but there’s things that matter and then there’s things that don’t matter as much okay so one of the things that don’t really matter as much as hard it is to believe is like kind of book knowledge so some of these things like book knowledge like it’s okay like it’s good to have but it’s not necessarily necessity right off the bat so it’s things that are good to know but those are things are going to be learned with experience right so the more experience you have the better but the biggest thing is just your people skills your management skills and being able to deal with certain things because you can know everything there is to know about a given topic you can know everything like everything there is no but if you can’t communicate that effectively with another person if you are put in charge of a project and you don’t know how to get a group of people to be on task and do their things to get the whole job and accomplished then the whole project is gonna fail it doesn’t matter what you know if you can’t work with other people if you can’t manage other people if you can’t you know understand what your strengths and weaknesses are compared to the group then things might fail and that’s also just a sign up that I want to touch on when you join the military in my opinion you’re really gonna learn some of your strengths and weaknesses there’s certain things that you might be doing right now and you’re just like oh well I’m really good at this I’m really good at that and I don’t really know what I’m not good at for me personally when you join the military you’re going to be pushed to your limit both physically and mentally and you’re gonna learn your physical barriers and you’re gonna learn your mental barriers and some may be something like communication barriers that you might come into so that’s something that’s very key and you’re going to get you’re gonna build on that you’re going to get better at that and once you start thinking about transitioning out them out of the military that is something that is key that employers are gonna be looking for they they honestly honestly they really don’t even understand the whole MOS is they don’t understand what this certain job is or whatever because your army MOS your job in the military is really just you know focused on the military so even for a tech guy a lot of the stuff that I know as far as the military goes like it’s all just related to the military and some of the things I’ve learned like how to separate VSAT satellite and certain things like that I’m not going to use on the civilian world but just the general area conference country concentration that I’ve been in and then the experience that I have people know hey he’s in the army he’s doing good things he’s a lot more reliable than somebody some Joe Schmoe that you know I don’t really know much about so being in the military just point blank period is gonna help you in the civilian life so I wanted to make this video just to talk to you guys a little bit about this specific topic and how the military itself is almost enough to get you that foot in the door the military itself being a part of the military the army specifically for this video is going to show people that you’re trustworthy that you’re reliable that you’re organized that you have been in stressful situations and you can deal with them those are like super key things sorry for the computer but those are super key things that people are looking for and it doesn’t matter what MOS you pick you’re gonna build on those things and be more successful than if you haven’t joined the military in my opinion so that’s it for this video just a little topic that I wanted to talk about I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did that would be awesome hit that like button and if you have any comments or questions or anything leave your comments down below if you aren’t follow me on Instagram or snapchat and you want to do that the links are in the description and a lot of people like to hit me up on Instagram it’s really nice and convenient for me because like doesn’t send me notifications or anything when somebody sends me a message or requests a message so if you want to just have a conversation with me talk with me ask me a question Instagram is kind of where it’s at people also message me on snapchat but I definitely I definitely replied to a lot on Instagram so if you want to get in touch with me Instagram is where it’s at and yeah if you wanted to grab some more videos hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys later ..

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  • I want to be a police officer, I hate college and I’ve been through 2 semesters. Decided I hate being a manager at Pizza Hut, and thought “how can I become a cop quickly with no experience.” Then it hit me, 31B military police. I went to a recruiter on Friday and i go to MEPS next Friday. When I leave, if I decide to leave, I will have tons of experience, and I’ll have to opportunity to finish college if I choose to, if I get a bachelors can join CID.