The 3 Types Of Cover Letters

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There are three types of cover letters: the application letter, prospecting letter and networking letter.

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An application letter comes from a candidate with the purpose of responding to a specific job. It is the most commonly-used type of cover letter.

A prospecting letter comes from a job seeker and inquires to a company or hiring manager about possible job openings. Since this type of cover letter focuses on your desire to work for the company in general, not on a specific job, it should focus on what skills or experiences make you a good fit for the company culture. Otherwise, the format is the same as that of an application cover letter.

A networking letter goes out to a friend, mentor or other contact asking for help or information in a job search. Since this type of cover letter will generally be sent to contacts or friends, it can be more casual and shorter than the typical cover letter.

It should inform the contact of your job search and ask them to send your enclosed resume to those who may be interested.

The text:

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