[Free Audiobook] The 2-Hour Job Search: Get the Right Job Faster

I’m going to skip the part where most sites give you the stats on how long people usually spend on a job hunt, how often they end up taking (and stuck in) a sub-par role and then drone on about how much it sucks.

I’m going to assume since you’re one of our viewers, that you’re either on the job hunt or you’re planning on it. Also that you’re not an idiot and you can agree – job hunting sucks. There are pitfalls you can fall into and it’s not somewhere you want to be stuck for long.

Can we move on to what to actually do about it now?

Our goal here should be pretty straightforward, right? You want the best role with the shortest downtime. The companies you’re applying to want the best performance for the cheapest price.

While we all smile and make small talk in the interview the whole process is a tug of war and one side always wins.

While we boast the biggest collections of job hunting advice we wanted to give you guys something with an easy real-world application. A clear A -> Z framework with what to do and how to do it. Something you could start using now and see immediate results.

Partly because we like sticking it to employers and, let’s be honest, when you get results you’re more likely to bookmark us for the next time you’re on the job hunt. So it’s a win-win for both of us.

And I mentioned it’s completely free, right? It’s an audiobook so stick it on when you’re doing something else but pay attention to what it’s saying – I guarantee it’ll change your position. We read through a lot of books and polled even more people for their suggestions trying to find something which would actually work.

The result was pretty clear – and entirely free.

So How is it Free?

Normally it isn’t. It’s massively popular and cost me about $50 when I first got it.

But Amazon not only has the audiobook (so you can absorb the whole system without having to read it a few times – though you get that option too) but they give you it free when you signup to their trial. Even if you don’t keep the trial – you keep the complete thing.

Kind of hard to argue with that. Sign up takes a minute and you can instantly download the whole audiobook.

===> Click here to get it free.