Resumes And Cover Letters – Get Your Sh*T Together

Get a job! That’s the refrain people repeat over and over the minute they deem you an adult. Too bad it’s WAY harder these days for us young people to get a job than probably ever before. And even then, most job openings usually involve groceries, lattes, or fast food. Thing is, even though they’re rare, career opportunities are out there. It’s just a matter of finding them and knowing how to speak their language. Most people think the key to a good resume and/or cover letter is just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Too bad the person and/or program scanning your stuff is busy, so that’s the wrong way to go. So how do you write a great resume and an even better cover letter. Luckily, I sat through a bunch of classes to learn just that, and now it’s time for me to teach you! Welcome to my new series: Get Your Sh*t Together!

The job hunt is competitive enough but to help you get a leg up we suggest this free audiobook download on how to get the right job faster. You can thank me later.

Got anything else you’d like to learn? Leave it in the comments and maybe I’ll tackle it in a future episode!

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  • I know its a boring topic but paying taxes. I’m an accountant and a lot of my friends rely on me for help with that but many of them don’t need me to help them. For people with one job and little other income generally can file their taxes on their own it just seems really daunting. I’d love to see something that helps make that process a little easier for people

  • Honestly though, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m applying for a promotion at my current job and need to straighten out my resume. Thanks RJ!!

  • I recently started freelancing in film production and one thing I struggle with on days off is how not to waste the whole day on social media. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to relax and have me time, but a video on how you keep yourself on schedule and stay productive when you’re self-employed would be useful. 🙂

  • Bravo RJ – really good direction for your channel, and helpful! Looking forward for more informative videos from you.

  • This is SO on point!! I’m in my 30’s and a lot of this shit still confuses me! Why don’t they teach this, or something equally as useful, in high school?

  • Can you make more Ask a Bi series videos?? One reason why I’d love to hear more “Bi thoughts” is that I have my own bisexual character 🙂

  • i thought of the topic: Living with a partner. I am sure there are some aspects of living with a significant othet that are rarely brought up in conversation.

  • i think making resumes and cover letters are the hardest part of getting a job at least for me because im not the best at putting my thoughts onto paper, i always ramble and i never know what to put in it lol. it is a little sad that you explained how to make them better then my school did, you made it easy to understand, gave very helpful advice, and made it fun and interesting :). so thank you for making this i really do appreciate it ^.^

  • I think you went into my head, got the sponsorship, filmed, edited and upload the video in like 1 hour, I was right now looking at jobs and deciding how to bulk up my resume to be more specific to those jobs, thanks this is really helpful, I would like to see a video about moving out to a completely new state where you don’t know nobody, how to find the apartment and such. Again, thanks RJ.

  • I like your “how to adult” videos. I swear things are so freaking overwhelming and annoying when trying to do it yourself such as trying to get health insurance or even trying to get a job yet sometimes these videos make it feel like “okay breathe, you can do it”