Resumes And Cover Letters For Medical Assistants


I want to show you a few examples of resumes and cover letters and discuss the things that are good about each and the things that could be improved so that you feel comfortable writing your resume a cover letter for your job search so here’s a sample cover letter it has a lot right with it it’s in standard business letter format which is how you’re going to do it if you’re giving your cover letter in person or attaching it as a PDF to an application of course if you’re doing your cover letter as an email the contents the same the layout is just a little different has a lot that’s what about this it shows his sending it it has the date it has the proper title it’s addressed to someone street address isn’t necessary unless you’re actually mailing yet the greeting is nice and professional the right length and it has a space for signature basically there’s a couple of things that I think could improve this cover letter here’s the biggest issue right here in this paragraph the writer basically downplays what they bring focusing on as a negative I think in your cover letter you want to focus on positive while you may be new to the profession maybe a little light on experience you can still talk about what makes you a good candidate why you like the company why you want to be in medical assisting how excited you are in your professional career any of those things are fine it wouldn’t point out the negatives in a cover letter I also would be careful to use no kind of professional level writing something about that I passed my certification exam right there sounds a little unprofessional and I really like this and that’s because it shows that the writers it’s some homework about the organization this is clearly not a form letter and that’s what we want you don’t want to use a form letter just swap out the names of the organizations and the people you’re sending it to and let’s talk about this the closing I will call you next week to discuss the possibility of an interview is that okay of course it is but only if it’s what you could actually do and do well so there’s no obligation to commit to doing something that you don’t want to do now following up is something you want to do so all I’m saying is you don’t have to convince for what you’re going to do to follow up in the cover letter if that makes you uncomfortable so that’s what I think is pretty okay about this cover letter and what could be improved now here’s the resume that goes with the cover letter that you just saw and basically looked fine it does look a little sparse though doesn’t it so well you don’t want the font to be gargantuan you don’t want to try to fill the page pretty well but you’d rather fill it with good content not just with a larger font the objective here at the prompt is helpful especially if you have a feeling for what sort of setting you want to be a medical assistant in and your education is always going to go next now if you have medical assisting certification with hope all of you will do you would also put here and you would just make it patient and you can list that certification even before you have it simply by saying certified medical assistant anticipated August 2017 or whatever it is my next to see experience and one of the things that’s interesting here ears that experiences intermixed and what happens fears because this person has had more experience outside of medical assisting than in the balance is wrong so one of the things that would make this resume stronger is the addition of any clinic experiences that this person had during their degree program you should definitely put clinical placements on here you also could downplay the unrelated things so in other words maybe I just don’t want to say as much about what I’m doing at the grocery store as I’m saying about what I did as a volunteer in a healthcare setting so is this bad no it’s just a little sparse in spite of how nicely laid out it is now here’s another cover letter and you can immediately see the difference between this one and the first one we looked at it’s not really personally addressed it doesn’t include the organization name when interested me enough it really does not seem to be personalized at all it seems like you could send this exact same letter to every employer that just really doesn’t fly and it also is a little bit unprofessional in its wording this content here is good it says what it summarizes what the person’s degree is about the plans are it summarizes what was done from in another position probably a clinical I would just say this but be careful not to just narrate the resume on the cover letter that’s kind of a waste of space but because this isn’t personalized this person isn’t assessing why they want to work for the organization they’re applying to you can’t even tell what organization that is your are they addressing why they’re interested in medical assistance the reasons you want a job are going to be very personal but that’s what you address in a cover letter and this is just too generic and I posed a big problem typos scream and attention to detail this also is too generic I have researched your organization online and impressed by the quality of service you provide dear be all there’s nothing about that because it’s really not personalized so this cover but is kind of weak because it’s too generic and it’s not personalized for the organization now here’s the resume that goes with the cover letter we just saw first of all let me say that a two page resume is just fine provided that the information is relevant and helpful ironically including everything is not necessarily the best strategy if what you’re including isn’t really related to the position you’re seeking and it’s a waste of space but when it is as it is here it’s not a problem page resonant now you’ll see there’s no I said that’s okay you don’t have to have an objective it’s an optional thing you’ll see that there’s a number of educational experiences listed here and while this is always discretionary I would say don’t list high school and don’t read lists things that didn’t lead to some sort of rear certification unless there’s some really important reason why you would want to do that I think it’s fine to just list what matters not that you went here and then you depends for those credits over here but you didn’t finish there and then you went over here to Bay State College by the way I prefer the finish date instead of the range of dates that you attended that’s just not helpful to tell me when you finished so now this individual has some related experience as you can see how it’s listed here and that’s a good thing I don’t really like this format it is hard to read I would actually use bullet points in Microsoft Word and if you don’t know how to do that ask a professor we can definitely coach to what’s up if this person is describing the things they did a great thing about that description is it’s giving this person a lot of ways to use the terms that relate to being a medical assistant biopsy wound care look at all these technical terms but again we’ve got some irregular formatting here and so don’t love the format get in the way happening on this resume the format is getting in the way of what otherwise really good content now look over here we’ve got this list of medical skills if you’re light on experience you’re moving into your first medical assisting job I think you need this section you need to list procedures and knowledge that you gained in your coursework because it gives you a chance to talk like a medical so list the things that you know about or know how to do and then repeat them in what you’re describing you get where it’s possible but this is an OK resume just a little formatting issue that could definitely be fixed here’s a resume and cover letter and based on everything that we’ve talked about so far I think you can pretty much tell what’s wrong with this the cover letter is very generic it’s not explicit it doesn’t persuade anyone that this individual really wants a medical assistant job and over here the format again is really getting in the way there’s some good content there but it’s just not organized in a way that’s helpful and everything is listed so for example I was in the care that this person’s worth Boulevard pizza or Dunkin Donuts yes it shows they have good work ethic oh I’m hiring a medical assistants it’s not least my time telling me about product kind of previous work experience at the expense being able to tell me something about the qualifications for being a medical assistants however if you are bilingual to any extent we need to figure out a way to get that on the resume because that’s pretty much universally valued by employers now here is a resume and cover letter that are in really good shape nothing is ever going to be perfect but I like these a lot let’s look at the cover letter first that our letter is eat and sir oh you’ll see from my resume that I’ve had it health care experience involves simple settings and its position that I have held has given me an opportunity to build my understanding on that ability to work with a different client base so this person is referring to the resume without narrator but is really saying look here’s what I’ve learned in my experiences you’re never gonna pick miss Texas for reading the resume so let’s just explain to you how good I am of working with diverse populations and why I am attracted to you because if your goal to give the best possible service to value diversity allow your client and again more about why this individual wants to work at this organization this is nothing like a form letter nobody but Boston’s best clinics could get this no matter if it is that tailored and that is wonderful now let’s come over here to the resume now this person really doesn’t have a lot of related experience outside of the clinical working as a personal care attendant for a while prior to enrolling in school so their education and certifications are listed up here and again both of them near the top on your resume as well here’s the skills list like I suggested you include now again only include those things that you actually know about can actually do and friends we might actually like to do all about this no point in working out words and phrases and keywords if you really don’t know the content area all that will or you really don’t want to do that in this job but this really goes a long way toward establishing her qualifications and then to give details about her medical assistant clinical experience to give detail about her work as a direct care professional because it’s somewhat related but what would be fun down here he’s helped couple of other really unrelated and she just lost the reader to know that to the hard workers and she knows what it’s like to hold down a job show up on time be a good employee so she just lift her cash shearing job and isn’t this interesting she was a volunteer firefighter so you can have a second like this of additional experience where you would put things that maybe aren’t as relevant but are just kind of interesting or fill in the blank or that you want your reader to know I suggested to study these examples as you’re creating your own resume and cover letter talk to your professors and Career Services were happy to provide you with a resume review on the best of what in your service..

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