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I’m live I did it I did it I did it hey team it’s JT happy Wednesday middle of the week welcome to office hours this is the live streaming show where we answer your careers and job search questions basically anything related to career in real time so glad to have you here today I don’t have any special agenda to talk about I’m just going to be taking your question so all you have to do is put the word question in the chat so take the word question first all caps then write your question after it that way when you’re all talking to one another I can figure out where the questions are and also I do my best to answer them all of them and in order but it doesn’t always work that way that’s that’s the challenge with livestream so please understand I can’t always answer every question but we do try if you want every question answer do you know what to do you know what to do and I’m gonna tell you what to do in a little bit but until then I’ll wait till everybody get started meanwhile I’m gonna get a shout out we’ve got Sylvia here who else we have chin we Hey Hey adda lots of people jumping on today good to have you all here hey Todd so um the thing that I want you to think about today cuz I’m waiting for these questions to pile in is how you’re gonna gear up for 2019 with respect to your career yeah so I’m doing it I know it’s not even Thanksgiving it and I’m already talking New Year’s resolutions and we know that the majority of people they they don’t make their New Year’s resolutions a reality and I want to change that especially if you are resolution or your desire is to improve your career in 2019 so if that is something on your agenda here’s what I need you to do I need you to subscribe to us right now this channel and hit the little notification valve and that way you’ll get notifications when we put up new content and the reason for that is that I am in the middle of designing a brand new course that is all about you being able to remove the mental roadblocks that are holding you back from achieving career success now you’ve heard this kind of stuff before I’ve heard it before I’ve read stuff on it before but I decided that this year I was gonna figure it out I was gonna engineer a process y’all know that my background is actually an engineering psychology that’s what my degree and I said I want a logical engineered process step by step you know if you remember it work at daily you know that’s what we’re about to break this down so I’ve actually been working on this thing for a long time doing a ton of research on it applying a bunch of the techniques to myself being my own guinea pig and I’m so excited about what I’ve come up with and this is gonna be something that I’m gonna be doing in January so for a month in January it’s a four week course I am going to be hosting inside our platform it’s gonna kick off that first full week in January so if you’re a member of our program and you want to learn more about that you will be able to be a part of this class that I will be teaching on how to remove the career roadblocks that are sitting in here I’m gonna show you how to identify them how to isolate them and literally surgically remove them and replace them with the right things so that you can get the results you want I know that sounds crazy but it works and I’m really excited about it so just wanted to share that with everyone here if you are already thinking about 2019 WI year the holidays are coming JT I really can’t do anything about my career right now I’m just gonna stand my job gonna deal with it you know when January comes I’m gonna get started how many times have I heard that before well this time there’s gonna be something that you can do and it’s gonna be this very special class with me that will kick off in January that doesn’t mean you should wait around to join us why not get inside the program now and start working on your career tools let us show you how to optimize your resume and your Linked. In profile and your cover letters and create an interview bucket list let’s help get you going so that when you take this class with me in January you are like you know gas pedal down and ready to go and you know catapulting this thing right out of the gate right so no need to wait come join me now work it daily start learning what you need to learn so that you can take advantage of this class I’m gonna teach in January okay all right enough on that I see lots of people are now here shout out Susie David Mary Loretta Bonnie Miss Rose everybody’s here Wanda Michelle Judy excellent I got my first question the day here and let’s see it is from Kirby hey Kirby Kirby says diversity information is there rule of thumb of how much we should answer it or not that’s a great question so so you will see a lot of times now companies will be asking you about diversity and it’s optional whether or not you want to answer it or not I would tell you in this day and age if you are a diverse person meaning you’ve followed some of those diverse categories absolutely answer yes you know why not if you’re not you know and we know what those are then you can leave a blank if you want to it’s it’s not gonna affect you negatively per se if you if you don’t fill it in the way it does help you is if you are in fact diverse and claiming it so that’s the basic rule of advice there you don’t need to fill it out if you don’t want to if you’re not diverse but if you are diverse I would absolutely claim it because it will work in your favor okay all right great question way to kick it off remember put the word question first folks or I can’t answer it for you Bonnie says how to approach the resignation in the interview I was employed when I applied okay so the person applied for a job got an interview now at the interview they have since left the job they were at they resigned from the job that they’re at well you’re gonna have to explain why you chose to resign without a new job so that’s a very important process you need to take yourself through one of the things that we teach you inside our program at work at daily we actually have an entire course called fired to hired in it’s not just for people have been fired it’s for anybody that’s quote unquote between jobs I don’t like to say unemployed I think that’s a bad term between jobs because every jobs temporary folks and there will be gaps so don’t beat yourself up unemployed is a negative term don’t use it but when you’re between jobs then you need to understand how to explain that and this course walks you through our methodology which is called experience learn and grow and this is a foundation principle of how you craft all of your answers so here’s what I experienced let me stick to the facts let me be objective here’s what I learned from the experience and here’s how I’m going to apply it going forward here’s what how you the employer is going to benefit that’s really the point there so I don’t know the specifics around your resignation but I can tell you that this employer is gonna want to understand what was so compelling that you felt that you needed to resign what did you learn from this experience meaning how you make sure you’re not in that position again like it their place right and why are you so excited why are you already sure that it’s going to be a better experience at their place what’s different that you’ve observed about them what have you learned again that you can apply that makes you say this is where I should be this is how I know this is the right thing and this is how I’ll make sure it’s the right thing so I don’t go through that again okay so there’s obviously more specifics around that for any of you that are in that situation and you’re going great GT but I don’t know how to write that that’s why you should join us that’s what people do so when you join our work a daily program if there’s a question that’s really stumping you in the interview process its kind of goes back what I was saying earlier at career roadblock you need to learn how to isolate that and rewrite the narrative in your head and commit to it and get comfortable with it so that when you go in these interviews you can answer that question with confidence because I’ll tell you right now body language facial expressions all that’s dead giveaway is you can say one thing but they’re reading another in your in in your total style of communication so you’ve got to get comfortable committed and feel really good about what you’re saying about that situation and if any of you out there are struggling with a situation from your past and you feel like that’s tricking you up in interviews you should get some help whether it’s with us or somebody else that you really need help okay because until you really fix that you will not be able to move forward all right so moving on let’s see here miss row says how to adequately explain gaps in employment on your resume so first of all unless a gap has to do let’s say you have an extended gap folks maybe you took care of a sick relative or you stayed home to raise children something like that anytime a guy or girl has a you know a gap like that it can make sense to put a line item in there and you know it’s very simple it’s very factual you know what was your role and how long did you do it and sort of what were the quantifiable accomplishments that you know happened during that time if your other gaps are simply you know you lost a job or you a quitter a job and it was between that and your next job you can’t really put anything in there and so what you’re gonna have to do is step back and look at the bigger picture of your entire career story this again circles back to this idea of the career narrative which you’re going to hear more and more and more as I lead up to my big launch of my course in January on this you’ve got to look at the narrative that you’re telling yourself about the gapps obviously you’re here miss rose because you feel those gaps are working against you so there’s a story you’re telling in your head about why those gaps exist and how they’re being interpreted by employers you’ve got to get that out of your head and reorganize like I said you’ve got to surgically remove the stuff that you’re telling yourself and then you’ve got to get to a place where you’re comfortable now one thing I will tell you this is again something that we work on a lot with people inside work at daily is the accountability factor and I’m gonna be writing an article about this soon because I had a big aha moment recently about accountability anyone that’s ever worked with me as a career coach over you know over 15 years now I’ve been at this knows that I’m about accountability because I know in the HR in the recruiting world that if you are interviewing with me and you don’t take some accountability for a situation I don’t trust you I don’t trust you because everybody has to take accountability for their actions actions create reactions vice versa so you might say but I didn’t do anything wrong JT I’m not saying you did anything wrong I’m saying that certain actions that you took led to certain outcomes or certain actions by others that maybe you’re not happy with okay that’s taking accountability for your actions and let me tell you something again I had this big epiphany recently when you take accountability you set yourself free listen to that again when you take accountability you set yourself free what do I mean by that well when you are blaming others when you’re making excuses or when you’re angry and in pain and you feel like I don’t have a choice it wasn’t my decision this wasn’t my fault okay you’re trapped my friends you’re trapped in a place that’s super negative and very emotional when you flip the switch and you take accountability when you step back and go through the cathartic process because it really is of looking at this objectively and saying okay and I did this and I did this and this caused this and I did this I own that I own it it happened it’s in the past you free yourself you know why because you get to say okay now I know what not to do again now I know how to do it differently I’ve learned something I groan accountability will set you free it sets you free all of a sudden you’re not beating yourself up anymore and again don’t assume that accountability is you admitting blame is you saying the diminishing that the other person did something wrong you’re not you’re not you’re simply setting yourself free so I go back to this question say I don’t know why you have the gaps in your resume I don’t know what’s going on but I do know they bother you which means there’s a negative narrative going on in here and I do know that the solution to opening the doors and setting yourself free of this problem is to take accountability okay and that is what we teach you inside work at DLA so if you’re interested and you’re not a member of folks you’re gonna see information today on how you can join us and we always give people who come live to our session on Wednesday they’re investing in themselves we want them to keep investing in themselves we give you a discount so you can join us today and really get started instant access to career coaching so check it out okay all right let’s see Cheryl says hey Cheryl what are your thoughts when a prospective employer asks you to write them a sample blog or percenter topic to them as part of the interview process should we ever have concerns about this you know what Cheryl I think that it’s becoming more and more normal for companies to ask you to do exercises we just hired for a position here our new social media manager Caitlyn she’s over there she’s fantastic and we went through a really big process right down to bringing five people in for a group interview where we made them do an exercise right here on the spot at our office and I know that sounds completely intimidating but actually it was one of the funnest interview experiences I’ve ever had and I’ve had other people say it too but it is becoming more common because companies want to see how you work understand you know how do you get them do you understand what they’re asking of you so this is becoming more more common the problem which Cheryl is pointing out is can they take advantage of you can they take your stuff and run with it I think a single blog post right or a presentation is not such a big deal where it starts to get sticky is at the executive level and we do a lot of work with executives in fact we have two separate programs one professionals and then one for executives because in the executive game stuff like that starts to get more complex they expect more in the interview process and it’s risky I’ve seen executives build entire 20 30 page slide decks and presentations only to have the companies steal it not hire them and use their work that’s where that starts to get dicey so red flags when a company starts asking you will give me your detailed plan of what you do in the first year here red flag you know but a blog post you know a little presentation they’re just trying to get to understand who you are okay so that’s really the key and whenever in doubt folks seek someone ask somebody else is some right are they asking too much of me but in this case I really don’t think they are I think it’s your chance to shine and show them what you’re all about it’s also wait for you to jump some hoops there’s gonna be a bunch of people in this interview process ago forget that I’m not doing that and they’re out and you’re in right so you’ve got to put skin in the game you’ve got to show an employer how much you really want the job okay great question mary mary says what types of positions or industries or skills translate this to work remotely wonderful question Mary so Mary there’s a couple sites I’m gonna suggest you go check out there’s a site called remote comm full disclosure folks I am an advisor to that to that site just so you know but it is a site where companies are promotes posting remote jobs that they have available and the people that are signed up there can apply to them so check it out and then freelancer comm as well and flex jobs those are two others I’m not associated with them so check them out to flex jobs freelancer com you can go check these sites out what you’re gonna find is a lot of it is customer service work so if you’re good on the phone or good typing customer service a lot of live chat that can be done as well as anything transactional operational financial so jobs that don’t involve you having to collaborate with a large group of people are generally best work remote jobs okay so that customer service give you a headset and let you go that’s fine you know or you know working through some numbers or you know reconciling things a lot of accounting work etc can all be done virtual remotely as well but you’ll see a lot of that but hey a lot of jobs are becoming remote whether it’s graphic design or whatever companies are hiring consultants you know because they don’t necessarily have a full time job they’ve got a project so go check out those sites those will help you but generally speaking those ones that I mentioned are the ones that are most common or most popular these days all right again folks I can’t ask you answer your question unless you put question first let’s see got one here from oh it jumped way ahead here oh goodness Oh so I’m trying folks um see I’ve got Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine what is a good cold Linked. In message to send in the limited personalized invitation specifically to someone I have no mutual connections no organizations seeking marketing professionals so Jasmine if I if I understand you correctly the only reason you’re reaching out to this person is because they have a job open that you want not a good reason to reach out not a good reason you’ve got to do your homework on this person say this is one of the big mistakes I see jobseekers make and I’m glad you asked this question by the way Jasmine says thank you for that when you come into the work a daily program one of the first things we do is we slow the roll we pump the brakes on this idea of you blasting applications and reaching out then and connecting to people and saying hey I see your company is hiring for a marketing job can you introduce me to the hiring manager you don’t want to do that night if anyone’s ever misinterpreted advice that we’ve had around that it’s not true we suggest you do your homework first you’ve got a research new organization and understand how you feel connected to it in fact I wrote an article about this on ink magazine yesterday about this need to be able to share in the interview how you are connected to the employer how you’re connected to their mission how you’re connected to their customers how you’re connected to their products and services what is the intrinsic which is the internal motivation you have to work at this company and if you don’t have that then you don’t have a good reason to reach out to anybody at that organization so read that Inc article and think about that a little bit and then ask yourself if I reach out to this person what’s the connection research their profile do you have similar degrees did you go to the same school you know did you do are you familiar with one of the companies they worked out but most importantly what is your intrinsic motivation to be at that company tell them that story that’s what you put in that 300 characters I’d love to connect with you and share with with you why I’m such a big fan of what XYZ is doing or why I love their customers that’s gonna get me to go okay you know I’ll connect and find out more that’s how you’re gonna be able to prove it the other thing I’m going to tell you to do is that take a look at your second line connections I don’t think people do enough due diligence they don’t look and say okay this person at this company I’m second line connected to them on Linked. In not third third means you have nobody in common second means somebody that you’re connected to is also connected to them so that means that person could introduce you and people do not leverage this enough you’ve got to reach out to your second line connections and say hey you know Amy over at ABC company I would really love to meet here here’s how I feel connected to that company and why I’m interested in them could you pass that along could you get me in the introduction that’s always gonna improve the chances that somebody will connect with you as well okay all right great question just mean all right Silvia I once asked an interviewer what are the company’s biggest challenges and what skills or experiences are their teams lacking and she’s looking for she didn’t answer is that a red flag um I don’t think it’s a good thing I don’t know why she couldn’t answer that question if she reacted kind of like how dare you asked me that question challenges we don’t have any challenges then yeah that’s a problem because every business has challenges you reach new levels success in your company and a new set of challenges crop up this is the game of life game always has challenges that’s what makes it exciting and fun so I might worry that way if this person felt they didn’t have any that’s a big problem but the inability to answer it yeah and in her reaction to your question maybe if you want to do any self reflection Silvia think about how you asked it did you ask it in a positive tone or did it sound a bit more accusatory I mean you can always try to improve in the delivery of that question but all in all if somebody doesn’t want to answer it either they don’t know the answers that’s that’s probably a concern or they don’t want to or they don’t think they have any problems those would all be signs to me that maybe something’s up all right let’s see Cynthia says I have made it to the final interview yes Cynthia with a highly competitive company they have selected with big for consulting experience candies with big for consulting experience which I don’t have how can I get to the finish line okay okay sorry I read that funny Cynthia’s in the in the final stretch for this awesome job all the other people have big for experience big for guess you’re all wondering that there’s the big four the the four biggest organizations known for that kind of work Cynthia does not have experience in this so Cynthia my first question is how the heck do you get there how are you in the top Cynthia here they are focused on big for it you know that that’s a safety net right if I hire somebody from the big four I know they were classically trained I know that they know this information and yet here’s Cynthia sitting close to the finish line no no experience at a big for Cynthia you know the answer to that question why are you there that’s your answer Cynthia you’re there because of your personality in your aptitude and the original experience that you brought the way that you interviewed the way you articulated yourself was authentic and it got you there okay don’t waver on that we’re not gonna change we’re not on sudden gonna criticize ourselves once again I’m gonna harp on this career narrative thing Cynthia’s got a narrative going in her mind right now that she’s got a weakness it’s not a weakness Cynthia it is a plus it is a strength and you are gonna go in and embrace that strength so when they say Cynthia how do you think you’re different and why do you think we should hire you for this job you’re gonna say well first of all I know that you have a bunch of great candidates and the good news is you’re gonna hire somebody and they’re gonna do a great job I would love that to be me but I have real respect for the fact that anyone that’s at this stage in the process with you is a wonderful candidate and that’s a good thing that being said I know that the other candidates all have big for experience and yet here I am very excitedly in the final phase without that experience but I think that’s actually why you should hire me big for experience comes with pre consent preconceived notions of how the work should be done they’re always gonna fall back on what they did at a big four whereas I have not come from that I am going to think outside the box I’m going to think more creatively I’m gonna have fresh eyes and fresh perspective and I truly believe that’s what got me here today and what I should bring to you as far as any particular experience you feel that I don’t have related to big four I would have you share that with me and I would build you a game plan of how I would make sure I would get that experience as quickly as possible and make sure that it doesn’t hold me back in doing this job but I don’t think that it will I don’t think that you would have me here if you didn’t think I could do the job and I know I can do the job and I really want to prove that to you so I will tell you this I don’t have the big4 experience if you choose to hire the candidate without that who has the fresh eyes I promise you I’m going to make sure that I exceed every expectations because I’m going to want to prove you made the right decision all right so that’s the story you’re gonna tell some version of that okay you can do this stop calling it a weakness that’s your strength it’s why you’re there and brace it and go for it and good luck and tell us how it turned out okay come back and tell us great stuff Maureen hey Maureen I have been out of work for four years have lots of experience been learning and volunteering should I apply with the company or three recruiters what is the best route okay so Maureen you have been out of work for a while and going through traditional online platforms not gonna work for you you have to go around them you have to connect so my advice to someone like you if you were inside the work of daily program we would have you create what’s called an interview bucket list of employers that you know hire for your skill sets that you would love to work for and then you figure out why I remember earlier and one of the answers I talked about that idea of the connection that you have to the organization you have to get really clear on that because what you lack in direct experience right now you have to make up tenfold with this connection to the mission and that is going to enable you to create things like a disruptive cover letter which is something we teach in the program which is the introduction letter that says hey let me tell you why I feel so connected to you guys so even though I don’t have recent experience I have this connection and that’s gonna make up for it and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen land jobs is how they get back into the workforce because instead of focusing on any job they focus on the jobs where they know their passions are aligned and where they can take that previous experience in that passion and put it immediately to work now once you’ve got to describe carbon leather you’re also gonna work on connecting with actual people there so that’s the other great thing when you identify a bucket list you can start strategically networking finding people in your network who know people there which is gonna make that referral process easier for you which is also something that you’re going to need okay so there’s a process for someone like you getting back to work but it’s completely doable once again I’ll starts with the narrative you’re gonna tell yourself up here which is hey what I lack for in recent experience I make up for an incredible passion for these organizations so here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna network and I’m gonna build my disruptive cover letters I’m gonna get it directly in some people’s hands I’m gonna get myself that job and I’m gonna get back to work okay all right let’s see Cory says I’m working on a master’s degree in IT wonderful I don’t have work history and IT though how do I network and prepare to enter the IT world I do have some connections through a current job so I think the first thing is if you’re getting a master’s degree in it I would check with your school and see what kind of internship programs and placement opportunities they offer okay you really want to tap into your Career Center sooner than later a lot of people make the mistake of going there you know last semester that sort of thing you need to go there now and start talking about that and what I would do is make a list of all the companies in your area that you would love to work for an IT Cori and then ask the school if any of the alumni work there and so you can get a little um nah introduction then I would set up informational interviews with every alumni that you can in the IT space get to know them talk to them talk about the school the education how’s it working for them any tips that they have through that process they’re gonna get to know you realize that you have experience plus this degree that’s a great way to get referred into for a job okay so that’s how I would leverage your network it’s starting with that alumni profile as fast as you can Jeff says what makes sense to list in the Linked. In headline if you were actively looking and not currently working well definitely not that in fact I’m glad you asked that question Jeff I feel like I have to remind people or answer that every week I wrote an article about this you never ever ever ever I’m gonna say it a couple more times ever ever ever put actively seeking out new opportunities in your headline you don’t ever do that folks and the reason for that is that the headline on Linked. In is part of the search algorithm so if I’m a recruiter and I’m looking for somebody with your skillsets Jeff I’m gonna be looking up keys skills I don’t know what your skill sets are maybe you’re in marketing sales operations finance right but I’m a pup putting in a few key skill sets that I was told this person needs for the job if those key skill sets are in your headline you will show up in my search results if they’re not you will not show up in my search results so actively seeking new opportunities it’s not something or recruiter ever searches on and the reason for that is there is unfortunately a bias against people who are between jobs recruiters tend to prefer to hire somebody who’s employed because the hiring managers tend to ask for that so you put that in your headline and you show up in searches you’re definitely not getting looked at so you need to put your key skill sets in there so that they open your profile go down and see your incredible work history and go up well he’s not working right now but hey this is impressive we need to give him a call okay that’s how you do that really really important that anybody understand that okay great question thanks for asking let’s see Suzy says what advice do you have for new engineering grads with no experience you know what Suzy I’m gonna give you the same advice that I was giving a couple questions ago which is alumni you are still in school or recently graduated you go to your Alumni Center you go to your Career Center and you say there are 20 companies that hire engineers like me I want to know if we have any alumni that work there can you help me get an introduction hopefully they’ll introduce you and if they can’t you’re gonna reach out on Linked. In and say we’ve never met but I just graduated with the same degree as you from the same school I’d love to chat with you and understand what you think it takes to be successful in the working world today people have to help new graduates especially from their universities so you’re gonna reach out and do that you’re gonna conduct informational interviews and guess what’s gonna happen you do enough of them and you ask them to keep introducing you to people so you can start to build your network someone’s gonna say hey let’s um let’s have her talk to the hiring manager but you’ve got to really know how to do good informational interviews and you’ve got to set them up so if you don’t know how to do that get some help in that area that’s an area that we do a lot of work on as well inside work at Dailey we have a whole video dedicated to how to conduct a successful informational interview it is important that you know how to do that but I’ll tell you if you do it well you will be able to get referrals and recommendations build out a network maybe find a couple of mentors which would be great and certainly get a job all right Kathy says can you recommend a path to start to find a job where my aptitude is bridging to just a separate area disparate I can’t say that word right sorry about Kathy I can explain research clinicians in clinical and photo to research scientists yeah so um I think Kathy the first question is and if you can conceive it it can be done my question to you is who’s doing that now that’s the first question that comes to mind you’re looking at these two things who’s doing that now why is there a need you certainly see a need because you have skills in both these areas where is there a need and have you validated that that need exists so in situations like that I’ll have somebody go find you know again this bucket list of companies go find 10 companies where you think it’s problem exists and then reach out to somebody at the higher level management level and say Kay interview you I want to interview you for some research that I’m doing I’m doing some research that I feel this needs to exist do you ever run into this problem can I have a conversation with you and find out how you solve it how do you get these two sides to talk to one another what what you know what could be improved what are you looking for and then that way you’re not asking for a job you’re asking for answers about what that job might look like it’s a totally different conversation than one that people are more comfortable having and I think you want to go out and do that with your top companies and gather that data maybe even write an article about it and post it on Linked. In and use it as a tool as you can start to explain to people why you think this should exist but whenever you identify a job that you think should be creative you obviously see problems that maybe others don’t or maybe others do you’ve got to go find those people and either educate them on the problem or get them to kind of figure it out for themselves through their conversations with you now you’ve got something to talk about and hopefully can find and craft that job okay all right team I’m only gonna need one more question we’re only on for 30 minutes now just so you know we can’t stand for a full hour these days I’m gonna take one more question down here looks like I’ve got Ralph what are your thoughts on acknowledging an age difference in an interview casually saying to the hiring manager you don’t mind working for someone older than you do you let’s say hire you so I’m gonna older than you do so I don’t know exactly how you’re asking that question so if somebody says is asking you you don’t mind working for someone older than you I don’t know what they mean by that I think the simple answer is no I don’t a problem I don’t about age right I care about the opportunity I care about collaborating with good people I think that’s a standard answer you know my job is I want to do great work I want to work with interesting people I want we want I want to solve interesting problems and doesn’t matter their age if we can do this together that’s that’s the goal so I think that that’s how you answer that one they’re not not much to it I wouldn’t I wouldn’t overthink it yeah let’s see so folks um just before I go remember we’re here every single week live on Wednesdays at 1: 00 p. m. Eastern so if you have not subscribed to us hit the subscribe button and that way and hit the notification bell that way you’ll be dinged when we go live and you can come get your questions answered we also drop really good content every single week and we respond to you we connect with you here so all good you should do it subscribe subscribe subscribe but more importantly more importantly if you’ve been sitting here today going T this is really cool but I want my question answered you know my story’s a little different JT I need a little more help I need to talk to somebody let me tell you my story we get it that’s exactly why we built we’re Cat Deeley we are the first and only and I’m gonna say best because I really believe it online career coaching Center we’re like career therapy right and you know that coaching is not a sign of weakness it’s a path to greatness if you really want greatness in your career and in your life you need a coach and a lot of cases you need a little career therapy to get you back on track and you want to do that in a private and secure and safe place so this is fun to sit nask these questions but I bet there’s a bunch of you out there right now that didn’t ask your question because it’s too personal it hurts too much you’re embarrassed well that’s why we built wonder caddie Lee so that you can go in there and your ask your questions privately to the coaches and get the answers you need but for professionals and executives we’ve got two levels okay and we can help you and most importantly why not join us because like I said in January I’m gonna be doing this awesome new course it’s really gonna help you remove those mental roadblocks so got a special deal right now as we wrap up for the day you can save a lot of money on our program if you sign up to day with this code because you attended pat yourself on the back for attending you already took a step you need to take a step to get the information and advice that you needed get better you get this but if you need more you know where to find it’s okay all right well I’m done for the day thank you so much the questions were great I’m sorry I couldn’t answer them all but if you want yours answered you know what to do otherwise come back next week come hang with us next week okay all right everyone great hanging out with you I’ll see you soon bye bye now no one can criticize Ariella fur..

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