Job Search Tips : What Is The Purpose Of A Cover Letter?

A cover letter is essentially an invitation for a hiring manager, or some other potential employer, to read the resume underneath. Provide a snapshot of the information contained in a resume with help from a career and job placement specialist in this free video on cover letters.

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Bio: Matthew Thomas is a career and job placement specialist in the career services department at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, N.C.

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cover letter is one piece of lots of documents or meetings that you will have with an interviewer or potential hiring manager the cover letter just starts it off a cover letter essentially is an invitation for a hiring manager or someone in an organization that you wish to work in to get to your resume or to read your resume you are in a sense giving them a snapshot of what is in your resume which will be a more descriptive version of yourself and your capabilities and your accomplishments so essentially a cover letter is going to sort of provide an invitation to them to take a look at that and to pursue you as a potential candidate a cover letter obviously there’s well there are some obvious pieces of information that are going to be included in a in a cover letter your contact information not all of it but again because the cover letter is a snapshot of the resume and you don’t want to detail everything out but you you want to have the specific name and contact information for the hiring manager of the position that you’re that you’re seeking and you want to address the letter to them and essentially what you’re what you want to accomplish is you want to tell them a little bit about why you’re interested in this position I was beginning with how you heard about the position obviously naming the position that you’re looking for so everyone’s clear and then and then dive into just a real brief section on why you would be a good candidate and then you want to mention that you have also included a resume cause usually resumes do follow cover letters include that and then you you want to sort of solicit a response that’s one of the most important parts so I’m asking for an interview essentially because that’s that’s what you eventually want to get to and obviously you want to close it in the professional business manner sincerely and sign your name..


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