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From every 8 out of 1 engineer passing each year is Electronics and Communication Engineers. And every one of them have questions like, What should I do, How much will I earn, Where will I work. If you are looking for answers of these questions this video is for you. Electronics and Communication engineering job opportunities can be divided in two categories, Hardware and Software jobs. Hardware can again be classified in three categories, Design, Research and Production.

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Design jobs are mostly related to designing and testing of new electronic components and products like Mobile Television etc. It requires high skills of Mathematics and Electronics. Research jobs are mostly related to new product development like High speed Computing, Sophisticated control systems etc. It requires high skills in Mathematics, Electronics, Programming language and Controls. It is also high profile job.

Production jobs are mostly related to Manufacturing of electronics components and also in maintenance of electronics hardware in Power plants, Oil refineries etc. This requires practical understanding of Fundamental of electronic circuit boards. Software jobs can also be divided in three categories. Embedded Coding, Testing and Solution Architect. Embedded coding is set of commands and Programme embedded in control systems like Integrated circuit, chips etc. It requires skills of programming language and understanding of electronics.

Testing is basically verifying embedded logic or code in controls systems also functionality of hardware. It requires basic understanding of programming language and Electronics. Solution Architect basically designs the logic and overall layout of product with respect to its functionality. It requires high skills on Logic, mathematics, programming language and electronics.

This is also high profile job. These jobs are divided in three industries in India, Public, Govt. and Private sectors industries. Majority of Public sectors like BHEL, NTPC, IOCL, BPCL etc. have job opportunities in Production. Few PSUs like BEL, HAL, BSNL, RAILWAYS & Metrological department etc. have jobs opportunities in Design and research sector. The Electronics Engineer has equal opportunities in both Hardware and Software Jobs.

Pay in Public sector is around 50 55K per month. But growth rate is linear. Government sector jobs are mostly in research and Design. Equal opportunities are there in hardware and Software jobs. Major govt. sector are ISRO, DRDO, BARC etc. Pay in govt.

sector is around 45 50K. But growth rate is linear. Electronics Engineers also have opportunities as EMI/EMC Test Engineer in Regulatory Test laboratories such as ERTL, ETDC, ERDA etc & UL, TUV, SGS etc with good pay. Private sector has equal opportunities in every field in both Hardware and Software jobs. Electronics Engineer does have ample opportunities in the Automobile industry as well for Design, Research & development domain. Nowadays there is lots of innovation going on in automobile industry & every big player is coming with innovative & atomized solutions in their respective vehicles. In private sector, initial pay varies from high paying jobs of 60 70K to 20 25K based on your capability. Growth for initial period is linear but with experience it will be exponential.

Major recruiter in private sector are, Samsung, LG, Dell India, Honeywell etc. in core electronics and Tata tele services, Vodafone, Reliance, Wipro, Cisco for Communication Fields. If you like the information please LIKE, Share with your friends and family. Comment below and let us know your opinion on JOB scenarios of Electronics Engineers. It will help us and others by knowing more information. SUBSCRIBE our channel by clicking here for getting update on similar kinds of videos.

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