How To Write A Great Cover Letter For An Arts Administration Internship

If you’re applying for an internship in arts administration, you should definitely watch this video for tips on writing an effective cover letter.

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This video was created for Manhattan Theatre Club by youragain.

Video text:

let’s talk a little bit about cover letters because they can be tricky this is gonna sound a bit like English class but stick with me I recommend a three paragraph letter the first paragraph should state who you are what position you’re applying for and where you heard about the internship the second paragraph should talk about what drew you to the company this shouldn’t be generic use details from the website about the plays or other programs of the theater that excite you the final paragraph should highlight skills and past experience that aligned on the job description this paragraph should not be a repeat of your resume but should detail qualities or projects from your previous work that will demonstrate that you can do the job well let’s talk about some subtle but important pitfalls one be careful not to overtly brag on yourself don’t say I’m great with numbers rather detail things that you’ve done that show you’re good with numbers all of the directions for example in Tuesday’s application ask that you detail why you applied to each department while the three paragraph format is a great base you should be sure to incorporate information that is specifically requested by the company 3 some of you may just be starting out so you don’t have a long resume or a lot of admin experience at a theater or an office in general the cover letter is a great place to explain why you feel ready to take on this new challenge for while you want to make your letter personable and stand out from the crowd be sure to highlight your professional self too much unnecessary personal detail like where you were born or your first theatrical experience may not work to your advantage I hope these tips help to make the writing of your cover letter a little less stressful and be sure to check out the other videos in this series..


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