How To Write A Cover Letter: Wordplay With Nika Harper

Cover letters and resumes don’t have to be so dry and boring, in fact a cover letter that has personality will stand out much more! Let’s apply writing advice to this technical document and make our words pop off the page and into an employer’s hand.

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The next prompts! If you feel like practicing these skills for yourself or an invented character, then pen up a charming cover letter on the topics of “A New Day” and “The Art of Caring.”

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so tell you a little bit about yourself hello I’m Mika Harper and this is word play normally word play is a show that challenges yourself to do more creative writing these are getting really distracting everything today we’re gonna tackle something more on the technical side of things which is a bit of a departure for us how about writing a cover letter it’s something it everyone needs to do we’ve all applied for jobs in the past and trust me as a person who’s read a lot of resumes I got some feedback we’re gonna jump into the idea of what is a cover letter how to create a really solid one and common mistakes this is mostly my interpretation of it I looked up a couple other websites and things a lot of people seem to agree with what I kind of wanted to talk about so I think they were on the right track first off a cover letter is a supplement to you putting in your resume somewhere know that I said the word supplement if you think about it in rpg style terms your resume would be like your stats sheet right so you can see everything that you can and cannot do on this list but your cover letter is more like your lure and my first point of advice because it is a supplemental piece of content be concise and be brief this is not a duplicate so if you’re just like saying the same things that you are in your resume but in long form you’re missing an opportunity you’re going to want to entice people to work with you you’re gonna want to show that you’re a really really good fit for their company for their culture for the position that is listed what you’re gonna want to do is make them want to know more don’t explain everything that’s ever happened but at least talk about it or give them something to ask during the interviews I look on this paper I see that they go to a lot of events man I go to a lot of events maybe we should talk about that it’s giving them kind of the opening to really start discussing it with you you’re starting a relationship with someone you don’t want the conversation to go flat immediately it’s kind of a weird way of saying this but you’re pretty much flirting with your job and of course of course make a new cover letter for every single job you’re going to cater them to the audience to the job that you want to get if the job is formal then be a little bit more formal if it’s casual if it’s fine then your letters should present that you’re talking directly with the entire company and the person who’s gonna be hiring you make a good impression another hint for something on a cover letter use positive language that’s not really in terms of the content that you’re discussing including like perhaps old jobs or experiences that you had but saying something like I hate leaving projects unfinished can be I loved finishing projects it takes a little bit of thoughts but it’s definitely worth it also contact information include contact information I’ve known someone who put in a resume and had no contact information on it whatsoever not even on the resume portion that was like there’s no I can’t eat what have your contact info and your name and all that information on each document that you submit because god knows if they get like switched around somewhere you’re totally screwed it’s more of a blunder than anything but trust me it means a lot make a little letter header or something so if I were to break down my own cover letters into let’s say about three small paragraphs this is kind of the format that I would use I think the first paragraph should be a little bit about what you know about the company your familiarity with them and why you want to work with them I’ll start off complementary something about this caught your eye what makes you value this company or this position I think the second paragraph should be kind of a short history about some of the skills that you may or may not have mentioned up until that point and also like why you think it’d be a good fit and the third one should probably be the shortest just a little bit of tidbits here and there and a thank you and then of course sign your name contact information good to go so asking for Twitter prompts for this was a was very unusual as people didn’t know what they were submitting for that became even funnier so some of my favorites were a doctorate in regret sent in by Sean extreme hide and seek by Ryan cthulhu goes to college by Hamish and zoning out in emotionally intense scenarios by Clemen so tell me a little bit about yourself I want that interview process to happen so much the ones that I picked out and I picked it when the mount for a specific purpose is a seek the unknown sent in by Scarlett and perception of time from Matthew so actually thought it would help if I went with a character or a situation that people would be very familiar with so I decided on Alice from Alice in Wonderland and what would she apply to probably like a children’s museum tour guide I’ll use the actual prompt name which was seek the unknown to the Children’s Museum of wit and whimsy hello my name is Alice and I noticed an advertisement for a career as a museum tour guide when I set foot into the museum that sense of wonderment came flowing back and it felt like my second home I’ve spent many weeknights there scouring the exhibits and I think it’s wonderfully put together I often visit just to watch the reactions of the mock courtroom exhibit I have experience with many cultures and groups of people as explorations has allowed me to mix with diverse cultural backgrounds and even royalty without any prior knowledge or experience I’m very adaptable and open minded to interaction and my curiosity about the world is unquenchable from chess to botany to cooking or poetry I think the best way to learn about things is to fall headfirst into them I’d love to help pass on that enthusiasm to everyone I meet from any background there is always so much we can learn I hope I’m able to share this excitement with the younger patrons of the museum as a tour guide thank you for encouraging youthful minds to wonder ask questions and dive right into new worlds sincerely Alice obviously the first paragraph is something of an introduction why he really liked being there what caught your eye about it for this particular one obviously she you know it’s a sense of wonderment she seems to like learning a lot or kind of jumping into new worlds the second paragraph is a lot about why me why I’d be a good fit and what I have that is unique in this particular case Alice has a lot of diplomacy experiences she might not be able to actually put onto her resume Oh what about botany have you painted the roses red um what about royalty what was it like meeting with the Duchess you know there’s these really interesting little snippets that someone in a position of actually reading this can kind of point out and start to interview you about I would love to know more about her experiences meeting royalty I don’t know anything about it talk to me about the Red Queen and then the last one which is very short is just kind of a and thank you and see it’s it’s not that hard you can integrate actually a lot of storytelling into what you’re trying to express and it is not too much to read it gives me just enough information where I want to know more if I’m paging through resumes and I find something I like then if I go back to this it’s like it’s probably a couple paragraphs and I get to learn something and every single one of them because there is no word count for something like this the challenge is going to be for you to write a cover letter and it can be from a character that you might already know or it could be for yourself for you know just a fake job that you’re applying for it’s kind of an open prompt but I did want to put two themes in mind which would be the art of caring by Malick and a new day by Ed if you want to read over that one again go to my tumblr or you can hang out on the geek and sundry forums and see everyone else’s work too hopefully this helped a little bit if you’re hunting for jobs here and there I tried to look professional I mean ring multi check out the rest of the geek and sundry vlogs but if you don’t know where to start I would suggest kiri and Tiger monkey they have books and everything remember to like this video and subscribe to the rest of the channel especially if you like people with glasses so think about where you see yourself in five years and right on I have some without lenses should I do that really..


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  • Great video! Thank you. I am working on cover letters now (I never formally learned how to write one) and I am definitely taking your advice! Thanks again

  • This chick spent too much time in a tattoo parlor… she knows nothing. For example, nobody has time to craft a custom letter to 200 jobs every day. There’s simply not time, and anyway, most people who receive cover letters tell you they don’t read them, because they get too many of them to begin with.

  • An interesting take on cover letters. Not sure i agree with some of what you have said, but that could come down to language “flirt with the job” for example. The positive working element is spot on, negatives do not belong in cover letters or resumes. The biggest thing to remember is that a cover letter and resume are designed to get a job interview, not a job. Peak the interest of the reader but without going overboard. I have published a vid recently with 3 tips for cover letters (click onto my channel and you will find it), that may provide some good contrast to this vid. As i said, some interesting tips to take on board here, but i think some of it is maybe a touch too creative for some industries. 🙂

  • This just makes me sad, I have Aspergers, I see no positive aspects of myself, and I’m not social.

    I have never had a job but I’m desperate to get one. I just couldn’t put a single cover letter together, it should be so easy, but for me, it’s extremely hard. So I just gave up and gave out my empty resumees without any cover letters.

    I haven’t heard from anyone so far. 🙁

    I feel stupid

  • Cthulhu Goes To College, I love it. I’m seeing a course list that includes Psychology, Dream Analysis, and Squishing Mortals with Tentacles 101.

  • I cannot believe that my teacher has sent me to watch this video. I have wasted my time. In my opinion, cover letter should be something serious.