How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job Application

This video is on How To Write A Cover Letter For a Job Application.

Job applications, admittedly, i quite a tasking job. Recruiting managers, every single day go through tens or even hundreds of resumes every day. Yours has to stand out. In this video, I will give you tips on what to do with your application letter as well as your resume to make sure that it stands out and make sure that you have a better chance to get that dream job you have always wanted.

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what’s up guys welcome to my channel my name is James if you haven’t subscribed yet please do so right now click on the bell icon to get notified for any new videos that we will do this is a third over five series videos about getting your first job and today I want to tell you how to write the perfect application letter and also a resume or CV so let’s get those credits wrong job application admittedly is quite a tasking job and recruiting managers every single day goes through tens or hundreds of resumes every day so yours has to stand out so in this video I will give you tips on what to do with your application letter as well as your resume to make sure that it stands out so that you can be able to have a better chance to get that dream job that you’ve always dreamed about number one understand what you are applying for especially with your application letter and your resume it needs to correspond exactly to the thing that you’re applying for for instance if you’re applying for a sales manager job you will look at what instances in your previous experience or in the past have prepared you for that sales manager job what qualities do you have that make you the best sales manager for that organization get to know exactly what that organization is looking for in a sales manager and use those keywords as well in your resume 4 it says if the sales manager job is looking for someone with three years of experience and you’ve worked in a sales job in another organization for five years then you can state that particular facts to them that they have requested for someone with three years experience but you have five years of experience and it also goes the other way around even if they have said they want someone who is seven years experience and you are at five or even six you can state that you have that number of years but state exactly what makes you special apart from the things that you are doing in your previous roles what other things would make you stand out that would cover for the number of years of experience of they’re looking for in that particular job of course even if you are applying for an entry level job you need to show that you have either been a volunteer or you have been in extracurricular activities in your compass or high school days which would be good enough for experience for that entry level job the second thing that you need to know is that your CV needs to look professional that means that you cannot use things like italics on your resume you cannot use different fonts on your resume you need to make sure that your resume at least is about twelve part in size twelve is enough eleven is okay don’t go anywhere above or below that because it will look in the too big or not legible for the person who’s looking at your CV make sure that it is blocked making it look more professional making you look professional so that when you present your CV and someone sees the things that they require at first glance because they do not have a long time when they are sorting out CVS so they’ll have probably ten or fifteen seconds if you’re lucky to look at you see me for the first time so you need to make a good first impression especially when you are submitting your CDs either handwritten or sometimes even on email because some of them get printed there are organizations that use an online sorter which will look at the font if it does not recognize the foot it will give special characters and then that messes up your application so stick with the stick with the forms that I normally use like Arial or Times New Roman which are the most common if you use us to I know you will not go wrong make sure that you have the same format for the whole resume even for the application letter if you have decided that it will be left in depth and there’ll be no intent and it is all left aligned please make sure that you leave a space after each paragraph don’t make paragraphs too long because then the store what you want in your resume is to make sure that they’re short concise things that you say in your resume that will make the employer look at you as a good potential candidate another thing that you need to look at in your application form and your resume is don’t give too many stories for your resume make sure that it is at most two pages no matter how many qualifications you have of course that applies to mid level and entry level jobs for the director level jobs and executive jobs you may be required to give an extensive CV depending on the kind of work that you will be required to do for instance if you are applying for a CEO job you will need to show how you have progressed especially from the junior management level up to where you are in senior management and now you want to apply for a better position and as you’re doing your resume make sure that you put the details that you would need maybe the things that you learnt especially if it was in compass the special skills that you like that are relevant to the job that you’re applying for this helps the employer to know that the courses that you learnt have some things that they are requiring for instance if there are software packages that will be required for that job maybe they require you to know statistics or they need for you to be a research person you can share some of the software that you learnt that are necessary for those kind of jobs if you’re applying for computer job they probably require you to know programming languages so you will also need to state the ones that you’re really comfortable with and those should especially be the ones that the employer is looking for if you do not know a specific skill that is required in your application letter please state that you quick to learn and the things that you know is because you have an eager spirit that you always like learning new things and you’re always open to new ideas so that helps to show you a good person to employ the next thing that you need to look at is grandma as I’ve said before recruiting managers get to see so many Seabees and application letters every day so if your grandma is not right if you have typos in your resume or in your application letter believe me that can be a reason to throw you out and this I believe the reason I agree but you have to make this documents perfect so that they don’t eliminate you on such flimsy grounds they should get the chance to get to see you and to know you so that they can actually make a decision whether you are a good fit for the organization and I hope that they take you in to the organization the next thing that you need to look at is are there any other documents that you are required that you submit alongside the application letter and the resume this may be things like clearance reports from various government bodies they probably require for some of those jobs for you to apply with more than one copy of this document so always check the conditions that they have placed some employers may say that they want you to place the reference number on the email address that you’re sending so if you do not do that you know that your email will not get there and once it does not get to the right recipient then you miss out on the job so please check again on the job posting that will tell you exactly what is needed because some of those jobs may require for you to write something funny on the subject line that may eliminate some people maybe they want you to write your second name as a first thing on that subject line so please check on all the details read through it before you present on that email before you submit that hardcopy application letter and the resume to your potential employer the next thing that you need to make sure is that the turn on your application letter needs to be conversational as well as light don’t get too serious or to comedic be casual at least in the way that you speak in the application letter because that is the conversation that’s a fast conversation that you’re having with your hiring manager so you don’t want to look like you are uptight you want to look like you someone who’s approachable that is someone who is actually comfortable with telling their skills and showing what things that they can be able to do so those tips should at least help you to make the perfect application letter and resume so we’ll meet in the next video subscribe to this video share to the friend of yours and come back this series is not yet over..


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