How To Write A Book Proposal : Writing Cover Letters

How to write cover letters for books and papers, so see samples, formats, and get tips in this free video clip.

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Expert: Tim & Darcy

Bio: Tim Kimmel is the CEO of Family Matters Inc., and has written and published over 10 non-fiction books. Mr.

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you’ve got your book proposal all prepared all the parts of it you you you’ve you put it on a heavier bond paper I always suggest that you you get a higher bond paper that’s a little thicker it gives us more substance you might want to go and get a binding put on it where they have a you know kind of a hardback here and then a clear cover here that makes it easier for them to send off because you you want to get something that if the publisher gets it they take boy I don’t have time to look at this but I’m gonna put it in my briefcase and take it with me and they might be on an airplane trip and they’re looking at it they can rifle through it real fast and I say why not just email it because it’s very easy to delete an email it’s sometimes vital that you throw away a whole manuscript because you just can’t assimilate that but this this can stick around awhile now that doesn’t mean you can’t also email it but make sure you send out a hardcover with it and then I always like to put a cover letter on it that’s something something real fast that if this is all they could see this gives them all you you want for them to see what’s on the next page write something that’s really riveting and fun exciting one final thing how do you find the publishers to send him out to here’s what I did for my first book I just went to a bookstore and I got into the area that had the genre of book I wanted to write and I just went through and I got all these different books from different publishers and on the inside of the on the back page of the cover of the cover cover title is all the information on the publisher they’re addressed the editors all that stuff it’s always right there I just wrote down ten publishers that publish the kind of books I like and then I sent my first proposal out to all of them now get this the very first letter I got back was one like don’t ever send us anything again that could have been discouraging but the next two bit the hook and in the third one swallowed it and and we had a contract it was very exciting and then from there once you get published it’s a lot easier to get published so you’re gonna have a great time you have a lot to offer don’t be afraid but just write you a great book proposal send it on out there and watch what happened you could be changing people’s lives you could be out there getting your message out and having a lot of fun along the way..


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  • Dear Sir.
    You helped me to clarify what I have known already.
    However, with your charisma I have been encouraged to work on my publishing even more!
    You made me blush with your encouragements and positivity!

    Excellent video to support anyones creativity!!!

    thanks a million

    Pavol Gabaj