How To Start Your Cover Letter (Legal Cover Letters)

Legal Cover Letters is a guide to writing Cover Letters for legal jobs. It is aimed at University of Warwick Law students and University of Warwick non-law students.

The job hunt is competitive enough but to help you get a leg up we suggest this free audiobook download on how to get the right job faster. You can thank me later.

Student Careers & Skills information by sector:

Written & presented by Claire Leslie (Senior Careers Consultant)

Filmed & edited by Susan Vollmer

If you prefer text

how are you going to start with your cover letter dear someone to whom it may concern dear recruitment manager dear Jennifer dear Jennifer a canola dimers a canola I’ve encountered all those options I’ve also encountered actually do whoever there’s one here that’s correct and that is dear mother a canola unless you happen to know her personally in which case jennifer is fine it’s sometimes impossible to find the name of the person to whom you should write in which case you may have to use dear sir or madam but try to avoid that try to phone up the organization you’re applying to ask who’s in charge of graduate recruitment or who’s in charge of HR mostly you will be able to get a name your chance of success certainly with a speculative application is much higher if you can get the application to the right person’s desk and if you’re applying for an advertised vacancy it just looks so much more professional if you have managed to get the name right..


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