How To Get A Job (Or Internship!) In The Game Industry

In this video, I cover one of the most commonly asked questions I get!

Use Meetup and the international game developer’s association to find meet ups near you!

The job hunt is competitive enough but to help you get a leg up we suggest this free audiobook download on how to get the right job faster. You can thank me later.

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I get asked a lot accost you incredibly handsome man how do I get a job in the game industry or an internship at a big studio the main thing that I want to mention first here is that my information is going to apply for those of you who want more coveted jobs so things like audio designer or concept artist or composer or anything like that something that a lot of people also want something that’s pretty competitive the main thing that you want to do before you have any experience before you graduate school is your student before you do anything before you even build your website or get business cards or any of that stuff is to start meeting with other humans I know people are scary I’m an introvert I get it but the thing I recommend you do is meet people in the game industry first that’s the number one thing you have to do before you do anything else I don’t care if you don’t have a demo reel I don’t care if you don’t have a website I don’t care if you don’t have business cards none of that to an extent matters especially at first so if you want to start getting work in the game industry whatever job it is you want you have to start making contact and by doing that you’ll start to widen your network and the people who are willing to help you out find jobs for you hire you is going to grow now the main thing before I tell you how to go about doing this is that you want to make genuine friends you’re not there to just get people on your side so that you can get a job and then forget about them the whole point of this is to actually make real genuine connections because that way those friends those actual friends will be more willing to help you out and people in the game industry are generally super freaking cool so that won’t really be a problem to find awesome people in it so before you go and get a website or a domain or any of that stuff go to websites like meetup comm I GD a org or even Facebook to find any game development groups near you and there are a ton all over the world I believe meetup comm applies only to the US but I’m honestly not sure so check that out see if that applies but there’s also the IG da the International Game Developers Association and they have chapters all over the world basically in every or near every big city in the world and some not so big city so if you’re even remotely close to any of those then you’ll have a good chance of finding meetups usually monthly meetups monthly gatherings that you can go to and that you can gain kind of an insight into who’s working in what fields and who you can talk to to get some help so that you can start learning the right things and get down the right path because all these coveted positions whether it be internships or just full time jobs honestly all these people are getting thousands of resumes a month they’re hoping that they can find the right person but when you have a thousand resumes on your desk or on your hard drives it’s really hard to know who to pick so more often than not those people send out an internal email to the rest of the company and say hey does anyone know anyone who would be good for this position someone inside the company responds back and says oh yeah my friend would be great for this job then if it all works out they hire that friend some other resumes that Scott sent in are more often than not get kind of just filed away off to the side so when you start meeting these people and making these connections and friends genuine friends you never know where it’s going to end up so when you start showing up to these meetups consistently hopefully you’re going as often as you humanly can as often as you can make time for just come with the intention of making friends you’re not there to just get a job or you’re not there to be kind of weird and desperate people can smell that from a mile away you’re there to make friends and learn about the industry around you because those people may have more experience than you and they’ll be able to tell you what to do and give you really great helpful advice so start showing up to meetups I don’t care if you have nothing ready whatsoever no website doesn’t matter you can get that stuff later then once you start meeting people people start getting interested in you you start getting better at your craft you’re always doing that then when you’re ready you have your materials already your already have the people waiting for you basically on your side ready to help you out and get you whatever positions that you’re looking for you won’t get a gig on your first try maybe you’re maybe not even your second or even your thousand it took me years of going to meetups until I built up my network enough so that I got jobs consistently and it’ll take you a while to depending on where you are and what your skill level is and all that sort of stuff it can take some time the key is to just show up be consistent make actual friends and you’ll be fine solo hello everybody if you like this video 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