How To Format A Cover Letter (Standard Block Format)

Cover Letter Formats, Full Block Style – LIAD Production for World of Work Course at George Brown College

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we’re looking at a properly formatted cover letter and as you can see it’s on a white background on eight and a half by eleven paper which is standard letter size and there are one and a half inch margins all around the font used throughout is 11 point Arial and you can choose any font between ten and twelve point just be sure to use a font that’s very simple and standard such as Arial or Times New Roman up at the top here we can see the applicants full name address phone number and email address followed by the date and the addressee information including full name title company name and address and then the salutation with the courtesy title in this case the addressee is female so we’ve used ms spelled MS of course if the addressee were male it would be mister followed by the surname and a colon the body of the letter is single spaced with a double space between paragraphs and no indentation at the start of each paragraph and then the closing in this case it’s sincerely you can have something like yours truly followed by a comma and the full name and a list of enclosures and the letter looks good so far the last thing to do is to double check that there are no typographical errors and of the formatting is consistent and the letter will be ready to be sent out with the resume..

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