How To Apply For Government Jobs – Cover Letters

Qld Governenmet video on how to make a successful cover letter.

Text version:

so why do we need cover letters well first of all it’s an introduction it’s a way for you to get your foot in the door in front of that hiring manager it can outline your motivation it’s an opportunity to summarize what’s already in your CV and a lot of the times it can highlight things that maybe you haven’t included in your CV so it can give a little bit more information most importantly it does outline your fit for the role and it is part of the government selection process so I’m sorry to say that’s what we look at so that’s what you have to do yep so if you have a look at your examples I’ve given you a couple of cover letters so you can have a look at the format and what we’re looking at is a brief introduction and that’s really where your motivation comes in why are you applying for the role that’s really what they would like to know the body and is where you address the selection criteria or the key competencies please don’t make the mistake of making your cover cover letter five pages long they will not read it statistically from career one managers spend about 30 seconds on each application so you really want to sell yourself within that first 15 to 20 seconds and then you have the clothes and the clothes is really up to you what I like to put in my clothes and I have to say the cover letters that I have given you a slight varied version of my cover letters so I really am practicing what I’m preaching what I like to do in my clothes is to maybe talk about my availability discuss why I really want the position why I believe I’m a fit for the role your clothes is really as a selling tool that’s your sell clothes so that’s what you want to use to really grab their attention..

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