Ethereum Or Bitcoin Career? – How To Get A Job In Blockchain (Very Practical) – Programmer Explains


hey what up guys welcome back to my channel and today we’re going to talk about how you can get into the blockchain sphere and build your blockchain career so this is for people who like blockchain who are fascinated by the concept and they really believe in the future of the blockchain and they want to work with something blocking related but they’re just not sure where to start because it’s easy to start if you are a programmer of course there are many projects many people who want to launch icos just yesterday I had the consultation with a company who has a coin idea so there are many people who want to do this and it is a certain hype we’re seeing currently so if you’re a developer I think it will be no problem for you at all just go to Linked. In go to look at for example my comments and I’m sure you will find someone who needs help and you can offer your services so this video is not for you developers this video is for people who are not developers but still want to work in in the blockchain sphere because I think that is a lot harder and a lot more interesting to talk about as well it’s not as straightforward as if you are a developer so guys if you have zero programming knowledge and you are fascinated by blockchain you think that aetherium is the future you think that bitcoin is the future of money that everyone will use it in a couple of years hopefully how should you build your blocking career and I think the key key word here is to build or create because you will have to create your position from scratch there currently we few companies who are offering blockchain positions to non technical people so that is what I mean by you you will have to create your position and to build your position from scratch what do I mean by that in more in more detail well basically you need to market yourself as a blockchain person you need to number one have a lot of knowledge if you’re watching this channel you have probably a lot of knowledge I wouldn’t say you know everything but you if you watch this for I don’t know maybe two months I think you have a very very good picture of how the blockchain sphere words how if theorem works how Bitcoin works and you probably know how blockchain works we had videos on the blockchain as well so you have a very good overview and I think you see the bigger picture of course I think you shouldn’t stop here you should continue learning for example you should buy books on Bitcoin I know Andreas Antonopoulos has a very good book you should check it out I will link it in the description or and he has a book on Bitcoin and he has a book on theorem coming up or maybe it’s already out I’m not sure and so I think you should definitely get his books to really really get in depth knowledge of this even if you’re not a developer I think you will understand what he writes in his books and if you don’t understand something you should comment on my videos and suggest me to explain something so number one you should get a lot of knowledge and once you have this knowledge and you feel that you can answer people’s questions then I think you should go ahead and aggressively market yourself as a blockchain person in your local town or in your local district or something you should aggressively market as the blockchain person how can you do that well number one I think you should create a website where you tell people that my name is this and I’m very good add blockchain please ask me if you need a consultation I’m happy to do it once you have created the website I think you should go to meetup. com or maybe use some other meetup site and you should search for tech meetups so people who are developers maybe and they are having a meet up you should go there and you should check out how this meetup works maybe there are people presenting things maybe there is a mingle maybe there is something else and then you should go to the person who organized this meetup and you should tell him or her that you are very good in the blockchain sphere you know everything there is to know or at least you know a lot depending on how how bold you want to be and then you pitch yourself and tell her or him that I’m happy to do a talk at your Meetup and so maybe they will invite you to the next Meetup where you can have your presentation your talk and that way you build a local brand you brand yourself as this local guy who knows everything about blockchain meaning guys so here is where the magic happens sooner or later you will get requests like I get many many requests of people who are asking questions of course but also from companies who want to launch their some kind of token but they don’t not really know how and so I’m very very sure that you will get many requests as well if you just market yourself a little bit as a person who knows who has knowledge about blockchain the requests will come and here is what I mean by creates in your position you have just created your position because these companies they weren’t actively looking for a candidate to like to employ some blockchain person but suddenly they see you on the stage or maybe they see you on if you put your videos on as well and they think this guy is really good we should we should hire him or we should have a consultation with him and so this way you’ve just created your own position on many companies because these companies they really really need a blockchain person but they are not actively thinking about that currently this is how I see the world at least I don’t think that companies really really consider employing a blockchain expert however if they see you they will connect the dots and they will think these guys in very very knowledgeable and we need his help and so this is what I mean by creating your own position from scratch and you take it from there maybe guys maybe you realize that once you have spoken about blockchain for a while and once you have educated some people maybe you think you will you would feel that you want to get into the development then you start learning solidity and then you’re developing smart contracts and suddenly you are a developer and you have even easier path to the blockchain and in the blockchain sphere but a very very practical way to get into the blockchain sphere is number one have a lot of knowledge I really mean a ton of knowledge you should read you should watch videos you should read articles and maybe spend three to four months just building your knowledge base or as an exercise guys but you could also do Islam is look at my comments and try to answer people’s questions I do as much as I have time with I loved I love answering questions I love reading the comments and so I answer many questions myself but it might be a very good exercise for you if you try to do the same you try to understand the question you try to see if the question is valid some questions questions are just not valid because the person misunderstood something or or I have explained it in a weird way and caused this misunderstanding and so there is some work you need you need to use your you need to use your head of course to answer the question and I think it could be a very good exercise for you to just answer many questions on my channel and once you feel comfortable once you feel that you can handle any question and then I think you should get in to speaking and having an a real audience like a people audience and you could ask a friend to record it if you have photography friends you just need a friend with camera basically you record it and then you post them on and maybe you get traction there as well so I would say that is the most practical way another way would be just to start the channel and talking about the blockchain and I think you there is a potential to reach global audience but you should be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy before you you lift before you get traction but if you can do that I think it would be very very beneficial for all of the channels who talked about cryptocurrencies this might sound this might sound like it might sound weird that I’m saying that it’s beneficial because maybe there is some kind of competition but I think the more channels that talk about cryptocurrency the more people we are getting into the cryptocurrencies fear on so therefore we are not really competing we are a team because I will show up in your suggested videos you will show up in my suggested videos so it’s like when we have tied and ebb and when water comes all of the boats are lifted so I think it’s very much like that on and in the cryptocurrencies fear if you have a really good person who talks about cryptocurrencies who joins all of us channels who talked about who talked about cryptocurrencies will see a lift of course because people usually don’t only watch one channel on the topic people watch many different channels so that is the reason why I welcome new cryptocurrency channels and people talking about cryptocurrencies on and if you think that you’re good in front of a camera and you are really passionate about this guys you don’t even have to be good you will develop this camera skill then I should definitely think that you should start and producing videos but it as I said it might take a while before you see results for me to get one month before before my channel got any traction I know other people who wait several months maybe three months before they get traction so this is something I think you should be prepared for so guys to summarize number one get a lot of knowledge number two be the local expert or be a guy so that would be my tips and if you are a developer I think there will be no problem for you at all you just you just offer your programming skills so that’s it guys thank you for watching and if you are a new viewer and you like Bitcoin you like tedium you like cryptocurrencies you should definitely subscribe to the channel guys because you will find it interesting I myself am a software developer and I post videos every single day so today we talked about how to build a blockchain career and how to make it from scratch and I’ll see you guys tomorrow..

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  • good stuff Ivan! don’t consider myself a blockchain “expert” yet but found myself nevertheless answering questions about bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain as a supply chain solution at a local 4th of July party the other day… I think I’ll make a channel! Love talking about it and I have no doubt that the future will revolve heavily around blockchain

  • Hey Ivan, first of all, great channel! One of the very few crypto channels that have “real world use case” ;D

    I know its a very vague question, but how long does the creation of a not-too-complicated Ethereum Smart Contract take – executed by an average developer? And where would I look to hire such a person?

    I have an Idea for a decentralized Application, but dont know in what price range the realization would be and where I can find trustworthy persons (like fiverr for developers? or similar)