Do Cover Letters Even Matter Anymore?

Mary talks about cover letters and whether they are worth your time in the job seeking process.


hey guys it’s mary here hope you had a great weekend and that your week has gotten off to a fabulous start i wanted to post a video blog entry clips because quite frankly i’ve just had such a hard time writing blog entries lately and i figured that the recording something might be a bit easier for me since it’s a lot more quick you know it’s interesting because the topic that i’d like to discuss today has to do with writing my sister actually posed a pretty interesting question about cover letters she just wanted to know if I thought that they were even necessary in the job process these days I mean plenty of people can apply online and not be asked to upload information off of their resume or a linkedin profile or anything so why even bother with cover letters and so my take on cover letters is that they are actually good i mean if you think about it there are one more opportunity for you to market yourself in front of the employer plenty of people will say that they do not recover letters plenty of recruiters will say that they themselves to do not read cover letters and this is true but there are plenty of people that do and i can tell you that while i will not go looking for a cover letter as the first item that I’m looking for when I’m looking at candidates or thinking about them i will go looking for a cover letter after i see an excellent resume because i’m just that intrigued about the person i want to hear in their point of view written you know down what they think of themselves how they feel that they could contribute to the company and why they’d be great you know and it just opens that door to present an opportunity to talk about yourself a bit more so ultimately i think they’re good things still they do take skill and you don’t have to be like the world genius effective writer you just need to take the time or have someone do it for you but you know they do a brain download of your interests and your accomplishments to help you write it you know effectively and typically when I tell people about what should be included in a cover letter for me personally I focus on the basics like I like very to the point succinct cover letters you know they introduce themselves they give a high headline banner of one’s background and then also talked about how they’re excited to apply to the positioner it’s very exciting and interesting to them and that’s why they’re applying but I also encourage them that in that next paragraph down they talk about one accomplishment that really connects why they should be called in for an interview or at least hired for that matter at the company because the one accomplishment should be really really excellent you know you really need to think about it because you want to attract people and employers with things that you have done and you need to make it relevant and interesting to their line of work or what they’re trying to accomplish and so forth so you want to keep it just to that one thing and summarize it pretty effectively and quickly and then in the final paragraph of a cover letter I tell people to move to action so you know would you have the opportunity to discuss this in person with me this this great job that you have at your company you know i can be reached at blah blah blah phone number any time of the week you want to move them to that because your urgent and you want to get this thing going and you just want to show an enthusiasm that you know let’s let’s hop to it I want to meet you and and get this show on the road so you know with these tips i think that cover letters can ultimately be very good you know it’s true many people don’t take the time to read or write them but you think about it it’s one more opportunity to market yourself so would love to hear about people’s opinions on this maybe you think i’m crazy and you really hate cover letters and you got your less five jobs about them that’s fine i would love to hear more about that or perhaps you do write cover letters and you got a job because of it you know that’s also pretty interesting but we’d love to hear from you we will talk later this week and until then I hope everything goes well and that you have a good rest of your week take care bye..

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