Cv Cover Letter | How To Write Resume (Cv) & Cover Letter__Part 2/9


by a million Peter Piot a gaseous a bus CB and : CB second that you had a CV ha CV curriculum vitae panting FBI baby puppy technology let me tell you she kept out of the net for what we go for Nagato / Kanye again pan perpetual monitoring and managing after a coalition licked at all okay he lives at home usually means go see people you be cold as ever Wow bye bye bye idiot I see miracles of a panic go go on it Halima you take a koala turban yet MA from Oakland a and proceed yep I’m on it so 2: 19 and then hit my junk electronically at the blue box you may pick up Josie Bishop attack by charging them okay but 10g be given to my computing technology in public and / Johnson hid a humble man copy Judy the chimp toponym commutativity in editor again do jump and softer with the pen and hopefully use after pleasure again then start in July salut salut potatoes again back check the mannequin at the my perfect your Play. Book with reason may not cover the telling you I change it to make a noise are you developing it like an AK movie magic professional piccolo plug shop again ye introduction the bookshelf without any are you are you put it in but make you do people with I get up a mite backwards out there’s no why is resuming and check fake one by my project up in the same yo people at a child a pigeon that they were chunko chunko typo here junk food are you that dumb nigga rebrova hippo happy think you two legged I then click your pole a bit back some handsome cancel a date then buy a bottle piece you notice the first act little perspective as banana Cleveland money facility huh are they again drink that keep it shut in and simple that with a nickel a night club mega biogeography but change conduct in Kansas a CD for you Ginga thread a cat I got kicked out the language of night man but employee when I may you choke friggin anti psychotic my little receiver you can go up and meet people each other by to make it and see me believe me but you can’t quote again Brigade Yankee buddy what you got a fade away there he’ll keep a challenge in my mind when ten seconds is all the time an employer is going to view your resume in deciding to keep it for classes on and Jane they got me patron died but the big ETA for phone number but samandchantal haiku the absolute top little Yossi we need on the get by the bank they a proper eh our u /i behind Apple people I had to they take my god that was a year ago oh my god being again miles of eating children that oxygen and oxygen in it unlock me t they go a quarter will can I go too late we can you Cambodian people haven’t our make sure your cash machine same burn my be chopped model a precise I’ll get without fan fangio percent boy did you get any magic or the champ an army and privilege rank who can move the deposit eight o’clock it won’t occur like the middle simulate butter will outlined in for me through through cogent faces and leave the magic Joe francica jockeys are telling a Utley Gloves champion for the gun but Charlotte is Nathan have a decade we usually collated and CV pollutant case of write the value means math eriffic Roman Catholic army hydrogen has a shot shortly he revealed to blindly go the National Party to handsome net pitcher brand your partner another way that what we can subpoena guitar playing it back and it fan make so to make some chicken wings the employer you deserve that interview hi King fans will make it our who I really like like a two night dog way the demon I will come hi and the visa by the keep them had cheat the campaign will get some feedback to enjoy pageant stuff with the DD and to collect a chap around its opening got each other big jump on a chain thank you sometimes lied about it when the rejected a gba then but have a budget we mean she didn’t let go now that you can see he had a redo some Ganga he some walking out yet pan pan can give me the release of man whatever candy the king let an actor comfortable cater again but Ethel and is medical CV beginning back to Cassidy I hope by the way you use talking ignite cocaine over again CB pocketing kitchen P we measure some hand welding weenie Purcell magazine to and Jane see miracle cold as an Ouija overcome point of buying subside but that you can get over them clue get on train jimmy jam CB but in a year to Pope that world market a block blue hang hang on yes never got a man look like a father yeah me panic alotta people ally week by selling Sigma loop Philip felt a gang like hands of total you go no no no I like a low like a little arugula walk through back and lots of laid low to thinking back about minute you can look like a gigolo you see man chain technology you can look like here’s a lava flow a fan he look like a butt looks a back and look sighs I’m according to come again like lob fellows I know that I can look back period of time again magic of the champ and we cheer magnetic way that you reach on the below to me thank teaching foot for to hang the JD topical time the major get Benjy what can I do go can it will decompose and oh hi family promotion you to know is that touch of the g5 each I’ve got a bogey related to again perhaps of ninety be I represent you in your accomplishment and still j5e top bang no when I reach it tricky to get come hang out looking tall but I pay like a twist like the gas select again a children the let’s see beep ing on the little day complete the CV I didn’t know that learning hygiene technology to get from nine tiny particles of magnitude a backbone to be packaged it jaganatha immediately hang on band member julietam emily jane percent budget by June yet the magnet now intimate peseta here but other people can look legit cthugha poli sci God forgive me to panic the judge advocate change Evelyn hit you yeah by actually in the kitchen chicks eb 3 can plug a knife which battle on tonight magic Jay V Boyd Bell CB magenta gay but I’m stop calling it again right the Gator again bunch of edgy by a but some way what you have to have an employer enjoys unique selling point even an easy to read for my friend Fran champion in cataluna the little at the peep to neatly go puppy Sampson changing the kadalai they can the River chrome hood that unit will gain II can hidden again man Jim come back by my Virginian balcony fight you like a unique selling point unique but Anita meeting which you could make no cheater but with a chap like to a chap around to the candle doujins BAM you can make a camera we go can blow the pocket spam be happy people okay object like a pathology by Jingle Jam clay but in an easy to read format right so we’ll find out how we meet in like a nice root again don’t can check out but the jumper meat that comes accompany the hidden language a bad juice of the Buddhism by G with my collection a cabinet notes like like that but there’s a creek running I just amen okay make sure something with it say it from Latin but how would it the reason ways but the back a ketchup and leave you the little seedy little covilha table you the time w9n banana because I live in a village ago the Spanish way to go between the stem but then top to bottom left to to write a check en Chile Japan betrayed a system Jing for being black people unite follow me don’t try convict trial and they can living in the second will be Lima Tim hey fatty anyway the jukebox object ambition can move now rota Pequannock avoid check that people have a big attack people for example but I think that probably whatever they give in to my age of 19 hit a lady named Jim cook them catch you move Lahaina Kati Patang move engine then Frank Timms won’t you know how to give okay jump free up on both or I can move on huh man hey changeable Jose get high podcast again bless him more recent and relevant J or J beta we need today is something mercy before you get to get down today and families and you see provision I will fight I didn’t chop down Dee pimpin in chocobar for me check my machine finding a fan relevant relevant and irrelevant already father job a death own image okay oh but it can either you gonna find you my can you get a name verify the chicken there you go on in here is over the dicing mincing about cutting back like an ad hoc tribunal it look and they got it gather but that should you so okay financially with us and kinda getting glowy in when J important information needs to be found easily and quickly and single agenda for be enticing can jump at 13 per day punishable hanging tranny a big Clayton look at a week to market and Tonto over 30 percent handle jiggling free promo a natural chemical money hello Claire loves 9 in the repo man yet okay fine fight that knows nothing day hinge into the clay I Club the gift her than live and kiss okay ha some people get any he have some Seussical the background man hey what should be injuries late and the testicle that you get that maybe Jordan no see deepak evening pick up a quadruple giving you a man fire identity name address email and the technology get out of them personnel that time right content of the neck for immutable total upon you teach for a copy an in memory say but I do separated on you for man but merely like the opposite email Batman actual signature let you serve that of a fan the National Planning by a Mexican chef she will begin hit a turbine on pitch obtain an aggregate of data unit 15 pips back spell or I prefer you didn’t get that high to sell that Nazis up fantasy simple that a thumbs up and I hate when she focuses voice emulate well moody Utley I objected 92,000 into non the Ganic today Kalani music Big Mac hey of that they are to kill and die there’s a big agenda Kotaku now they gather seaweed in pool dedication that many lives or people or human and fighting you practical no budget Canada Canadian then I got that guy engage in to buy a throne backup thought I left aside by hi became energy to achieve a back body check because number two oh yeah frequently a quick answer potatoes event that I think about Academy or utility go Rico Hoffman pan will change it here education chain can I be at the diversion channel you voted over the corrosion when Jenna tangerine man I glad T people hit on an associate degree Bachelor if really go master degree pick up eh regional hey silly you go published a ball that I use the Dukan declined to the out of pocket knock of that part of that man when the internship of Experian and panchik publish Afghani pocket me like Allah take a knee gangee juice Nibbana muy between Cochise me Santa get that we can smash it we gotta have pumpkin and digital shipment 3G magic oak electricity but Thank You children we can’t tonight take Nakata bad night Taylor energy panic insanity but trigger these that’s enough thank you chicken believer again many Kochi puppies are candy boy was his name by the way are you so meant that I could smash it Luigi but Navi the mouse of an energy internship with Papa check out but chichi chichi boy to publish a boiler like what the bootcamp in a Colorado backup right man but I got the Topaz I further to ban my body shop like wanting a tattoo man can get it okay and I could but I did but on the award / GV energy back Society onion has standing student in page anything I can pimp and the sandwich hamburger G on the Loogootee have walked with a liquid patchouli Banerjee why did you put the children when they robot but athletic experience then aesthetic is video th g poppin boy and chief of the Moines Valley with a you Jim boo I hate should I hang together now eventually I am NOT the time deadlines okay I did it but okay I chose joke oh look that break up a pit lane middle nine by Dignan by a pan african you must have a mood and energy aesthetic experience it been joined by a Roth action jump okay and start over again in a fatality okay think about a year back to my day with a video down here in Choctaw very beside binding energy cheerleading Japan but budget activity thing the energy is a family party digit for each one but at my cottage it has a little chapel a bespoke the address book then that 9m gotta fill three minor then above the gather the channel octopus nothing again again but with limited experience to get building gang is much it would you blown just having multiple by Mike together again it is much it the faders match it I’m a client named a vague O’Brien already but a special steel valve in languages and computer and check change of midnight resent that you do that but do check out my design but computer digitally program decline but for this I did check man but I said a plane ticket rake angle I need my computer and negative 9 we value the gas or and group to me my medallion internship at but I’m a concatenate can make appropriate rectangle computer thing but never officially the English name shall be hundred feet and I talk with the time algorithm named men after just navigating come on you get an A Modine on legs ever give dr. Jacob comp ever been very clear..

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  • Wow!!my beloved Teacher,,this is the first time that I see you on youtube.
    You are doing good Teacher.I really want to study with you again.
    How are you doing??