Cover Letters – Do Employers Care? Aimee Bateman


hi everyone is Amy Bateman and welcome to career cake so this video is going to be about a question I get asked all the time do employers actually value cover letters well obviously you know I’m an extra creature I’m for creatures for hundred and hundreds of companies and I’ve always valued Cabell asses but I do know that there are companies out there at hiring managers who don’t dot so much they want to go straight to the CV straight to the facts but what I will say is that please don’t be tempted not to bother and put as much effort into your cover letter just because you think they might not very knew it just because you might have met somebody in the past that told you that they never read a cover letter doesn’t mean that the next person worked every hiring manager and recruiter is different they’ve got their there somebody’s mom dad brother sister they’ve all got their own opinions and everyone’s different you are never ever gonna know that from reading a job description you will never know the thoughts and views of that hiring manager just from a website so always assume that they will okay always assume that they will put a massive amount of value and emphasis on your cover letter I do know that even people that say they don’t read cover letters when it comes to the crunch and they might have you know five interview slots but they’ve got ten CDs my shortlist they will often look at the cover letter to work out their shortlist so just put as much effort into your cover letter as possible now I do have a free guide that you can download on my website career cake which basically tells you have to make an incredible cover letter I know people that sit down design cover letters another hour later this does that they’re not know where to start so this will help you with that okay so yeah always always put as much effort into your cabin as you do with your CV hopefully that helps if you want to get hold of me then this is my Facebook page you can post something on there any questions career related that you want me to help you with just shout I’m on Twitter as well so this is my Twitter but most importantly just connect with me if there’s anything that I can help with just give me a shout until next time take care and good luck with those applications..

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