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hey that Blackrock Microsystems my name is Joseph Garza relly but you can call me Joey and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to find a position as an internal sales representative at Blackrock Microsystems and is actually in a I’ve actually been anticipating this position ever since about June of this year when during the neuromodulation conference at the University of Utah I just so happened to sit next to your director of engineering Brett Dowden and during the lunch portion of this conference begin to talk to Brett about switching over from the lab part of the sciences over to the business part of the sciences and what the difference was and by the end of our conversation I was so excited to work for a company like Blackrock and work in the business side of the sciences that I asked Brett if there were any positions available like this at Blackrock available he ended up giving me his card and telling me where to go to check for jobs which I ended up doing and I didn’t really find any sales jobs available at the time but to periodically check your website to see if there were any positions available and now I finally found the position I was looking for all along at Blackrock as far as my qualifications go I have a Bachelors of Science in neuroscience from Westminster College and during those four years of study I had ended up taking every single upper division neuroscience course at Westminster cough College offered ranging from cellular neuroscience which I believe covers a lot of the products that you offer involved with like single cell recording devices all the way up to cognitive neuroscience which we definitely talked about all of the and Rohde about a lot of the products that you offer involved in human behavior as far as work experience goes I’ve had a year of sales experience at Radio. Shack in which during the entire year that I worked at Radio. Shack I was in the top ten salesmen in the state of Utah for the entire year I work and actually over the summer of 2014 I was the highest paid sales associate in the state of Utah also I over the past year I’ve been working for the department of psychiatry at the University of Utah and as a study coordinator and have been working with multiple physicians and neuroscience researchers in the department of psychiatry which really has made me comfortable talking to these people which I believe are a large portion of their clientele if not all of your clientele and I feel also working at this working at the University of Utah I am much more familiar with data analysis because I’ve been using programs such as spss and R to actually analyze data over the past year and yeah I feel that all of these positions definitely give me enough qualifications for this position the only part of this position that I feel like I’m lacking in is experience with the crm software that you talked about in the posting I haven’t really worked with this software but ever since finding this posting I’ve been doing a lot of research on CRM software and have found that it seems as Salesforce is kind of the best software out there for using CRM and I can definitely see why you guys need to you CRM because it definitely seems to be the way of the future for sales and I’ve also seen on Salesforce website that they offer classes to help you learn the CRM software and since I know Salesforce is just right down the street in downtown Salt Lake I would be more than willing to take these classes and learn Salesforce if you guys offered me this position thanks for your time I really hope to meet with you guys if you want to know anything about me oh if you want to know some some more things about me I definitely the best things about me I’m definitely I love traveling just this year I’ve been to Hawaii and I also went to India for a month in January and I saw you guys have a location actually New Delhi which I wouldn’t mind checking out and also you know um what else do i I love dogs I’ve got a low five month old Boston Terrier running around here somewhere I finally got him to get out of the way out of camera so you don’t have to be looking at my little puppy but in the way but yeah if you guys could go ahead and contact me back I really look forward to this opportunity and I really look forward to meeting you guys if you could contact me anytime and as soon as possible so I know that I have a chance of working with you guys that would be excellent thank you very much..

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  • This video has more views than anything I have produced. I know you aren’t talking to me but, I think you’re doing a bang up job. What the heck does blackrock do? I’m just learning about them and any company that has trillions of dollars worth of assets is worth investigating. I saw that you got the job! what does a day in the life look like for you?