Black Excellist: 25 Highest Paying Jobs For 2018

25 Highest Paying Jobs for 2018

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When choosing a career, its important to seek out jobs that are meaningful, will allow balance in your life, and that will be around in the future. But a high salary doesnt hurt either! Here are 25 jobs with the highest salary for 2018. Whether you are a High School Senior or a professional looking to change careers, you will find this presentation very helpful.

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hello and welcome back in today’s black xls presentation we will highlight 2018 s highest paying jobs welcome to black excellest comm the site where we celebrate black excellence opulence and affluence our mission is to inspire you as we enlighten you when choosing a career it’s important to seek out jobs that are meaningful that will allow work life balance and that will be around in the future and it doesn’t hurt if you were earning a high salary based on the US News and World Report as well as the Bureau of Labor Statistics we built a list of 25 careers that all offer salaries over $100,000 and although health care jobs are prominent on our list we also feature a variety of other occupations with six figure salaries therefore if you are a high school senior planning for college or existing employee contemplating a career change we encourage you to have a close look at these top paying occupations in addition to the average salary our researchers have provided other key statistics such as projected job growth through 2026 and high level education requirements in this original black Excellus video we will be featuring the top paying jobs for 2018 so without further ado let’s get started one anesthesiologist average salary two hundred and sixty nine thousand six hundred dollars an anesthesiologist is a medical doctor who keeps a patient comfortable safe and pain free barring surgery by administering local or general anesthetic to surgeon average salary two hundred and fifty two thousand nine hundred ten dollars a surgeon is the physician who cuts the human body for the purpose of removing diseased tissues or organs to repair body systems or to replace diseased organs with transplants three obstetrician and gynaecologist average salary two hundred and thirty four thousand three hundred ten dollars a gynecologist specializes in the health of the female reproductive systems and the breath an obstetrician is a kind of gynecologist who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth for oral and maxillofacial surgeon average salary two hundred and thirty two thousand eight hundred seventy dollars oral and maxillofacial surgery specializes in three major areas one treating severe types of diseases injuries and defects in the head neck face and jaws two performing surgery on the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and three reconstructing the maxilla facial region which is the jaws and face five orthodontists average salary two hundred and twenty eight thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars orthodontist undergo additional training in mental school to be able to diagnose prevent and correct malposition teeth and jaws typically with braces and retainers six physician average salary two hundred one thousand eight hundred forty dollars physicians diagnose and treat patients for a range of medical issues and specializations that can encompass everything from primary care doctors to gynecologists cardiologists or dermatologists seven psychiatrist average salary two hundred thousand two hundred and twenty dollars a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in mental health and is devoted to the diagnosis prevention study and the treatment of mental disorders eight pediatrician average salary one hundred and eighty four thousand two hundred and forty dollars pediatricians focus on the physical health mental health and the best course of care for infants children and adolescents nine dentist average salary 173 thousand eight hundred and sixty dollars dentists are dental surgeons who helped maintain the health of the patient’s mouth gums and teeth by filling cavities diagnosing oral diseases and extracting teeth when needed ten prosthodontist average salary one hundred and sixty eight thousand one hundred and forty dollars different from an orthodontist prosthodontists our dental specialists who build oral thisis that replace missing teeth resulting in improvement in appearances or restoration and the ability to speak and eat 11 nurse anesthetist average salary 164,000 $30 nurse anesthetists help doctors complete painful procedures by administering anesthesia through intravenous drugs or inhaled gases 12 petroleum engineer average salary 147,000 $30 petroleum engineers design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface if you love our videos and have a suggestion for a future edition let us hear from you in the comment section below 13 IT manager average salary one hundred and forty five thousand seven hundred and forty dollars an IT manager is someone who is responsible for the overall performance of a company’s information technology solutions while managing the electronic data operations 14 marketing manager average salary one hundred and forty four thousand one hundred and forty dollars a marketing manager developed strategies for marketing a specific product or service while supervising the resources for advertising promotions and sales to reach a desired customer segment fifteen podiatrists average salary one hundred and forty four thousand one hundred and ten dollars a podiatrist is a medical specialist who specializes in the diagnosis and care of foot disorders including their medical and surgical treatment sixteen lawyer average salary one hundred and thirty nine thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars a lawyer is a professional who is qualified to offer advice about the law or represents clients in court where other legal matters 17 financial manager average salary one hundred and thirty nine thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars financial managers are responsible for the financial health of an organization while developing strategies and plans for their long term financial goals 18 sales manager average salary one hundred and thirty five thousand ninety dollars a sales manager is someone who is responsible for leading and guiding a team of salespeople to meet an organization’s short term and long term sales goals 19 financial advisor average salary one hundred and twenty three thousand one $100 a financial advisor is a professional who suggests and renders financial services to clients based on their financial situation including budgets retirement plans and investments to any business operations manager average salary one hundred and twenty two thousand ninety dollars business operations managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a company ensuring that its business is running smoothly and operating at the highest level of efficiency 21 pharmacists average salary one hundred and twenty thousand two hundred and seventy dollars a pharmacist is a health care professional who not only prepares medicine and drugs but also educates patients on how to take their medications while advising on the side effects of their prescriptions 22 optometrist average salary one hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred and eighty dollars an optometrist is a trained practitioner who provides primary eye and vision care performs eye examination to detect vision abnormalities and prescribes corrective lenses to correct those problems 23 actuary average salary one hundred and fourteen thousand one hundred and twenty dollars actuaries are business professionals with expertise in mathematics statistics and financial theories to measure manage and mitigate financial risk and uncertainty twenty four political scientists average salary one hundred and twelve thousand two hundred and fifty dollars political scientists studied government political processes and political issues in a scientific way while analyzing how political activities affect government business and people 25 medical and health services manager average salary one hundred and nine thousand three hundred and seventy dollars medical and health services managers are the planners directors and coordinators who work behind the scenes to keep hospitals nursing homes practices and other healthcare facilities are running efficiently we appreciate the fact that you stayed with us until the end thank you for spending time with us and don’t forget to like this video also make sure you subscribe so that you never miss a video bye for now we will see you tomorrow ..


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  • Great video I’m a airline pilot trying to convince other minorities to pursue a career in aviation what did your research say the average Airline pilot makes I’m kind of surprised we didn’t make the list

  • I absolutely love this channel! Although my daughter is a freshman in high school. I love to show her black Excellence does matter.

  • Great paying jobs and Lord knows somebody had to do it and its amazing to see Blacks working in those fieldd but nothing like Entrepreneurship

  • I love this channel! Construction supervisors can make approximately $120,000. The electricians with prevailing wages make approximately $80 an hour. No degree needed.

  • What about the tech Industry? Surely there is currently and will be in the future a demand for Software developers, Robotics engineers, mathematicians, etc., all of which pay well,well maybe not 100 gran, but non the less are rewarding, excellent careers.