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hey everyone if you’re new here my name’s Lottie and if you’re a subscriber welcome back to my channel today I’m doing a vlog style video of like apply for internships with me kind of video because I do get a lot of questions about applying for internships and just like the whole process and just kind of what it looks like so I thought it’d be fun to do like and apply with me video and kind of like show you guys how I find internships and how I apply and everything like that if you’re new here I am a 20 year old junior at the University of Georgia and I’m studying public relations I have a lot of college lifestyle type videos similar to this one and I would love for you to watch them more my videos subscribe all the good stuff let’s go ahead and get started okay so the first step that I do when I’m looking for internship is I decide where do I want the internship to be if you guys didn’t know I interned in New York City the past two summers so the summer after freshman year and the summer after sophomore year so now it’s junior year and I want to intern somewhere after junior year as well also something I want to tell you guys I will be in Athens in May taking a class I’m looking for like an 8 to 10 week internship from the beginning of June to like the beginning or middle of August school starts back for us let’s see so our classes begin Wednesday August 14th so I’d probably want to be finished by like Friday the 9th so I’m gonna go ahead and put that on my Google Calendar resume classes just so that if I’m looking again I know and I don’t have to look it back up I am mainly looking for summer 2019 like 8 to 10 week internships for students I would really really like for it to be a paid internship I can get course credit if they need me to but the thing is is that it actually costs money for students to do an internship for course credit because you’re like paying for to take that class you’re paying tuition over the summer if my internship last summer I did four course credit anyway so I don’t need another one and I already have my experience of learning requirement checked off at UGA this is gonna be my third summer interning so I’d really like it if I could get at least like a stipend or something with this internship no one can blame me for wanting to get paid for working so the main places I’m looking this summer you want to think about this where are you wanting to intern so I entered in New York the last two summers I love New York don’t get me wrong but I’m just ready for kind of like a different summer experience definitely think I have the feel of what it would be like to live there now so I’d like to kind of get the feel for somewhere else to see if I would like it more or less so in many places I’m looking right now I’m from Chattanooga Tennessee by the way many places I’m looking really though or Atlanta Nashville and DC so I have five places in Nashville I want to send emails to they haven’t necessarily listed that they have summer internships but that’s the thing when it comes to summer internships you really have to like go out and like find where you want to work and email them and say hey do you need an intern because they don’t always list their opening positions for interns and stuff and sometimes you just have to like create your own positions another thing you have to do before you apply as research the company you want to do tons of research on them so you know you’re talking about when you email them so I found those places in Nashville and I need to apply to those and then I also have an internship in DC and you to apply for and I need to do some more research in DC of like good PR firms to apply for so I’m gonna go to my google drive and make a little spreadsheet I’ll show you what it looks like when I like get the spreadsheet all set up hey guys I’m back I went have lunch it’s been a few hours I’ve started making my like spreadsheet thing and I will show you guys that I want to get some more stuff on here obviously there’s not a ton on here I have 19 different like options on here what I really want to do though this summer that I’ve been like talking out with my mom and like thinking about I have worked at PR firms for the past two summers I love PR and I think PR firms could be a really good place for me to work when I graduate but I also want to get that like in house PR field so I really wanted to start looking up some of my favorite companies and seeing if they have like an email I can email or like someone that I could get in contact with about potential internships because I really would like to do an in house PR marketing social media kind of job like for a company rather than for a PR firm just because I do have a really good sense of what it feels like it looks like to work in a PR firm I’m not saying it’s not for me but I want to see what in house looks like to see if I like that better but always kinda out of feeling that I would like in house more but it’s a little bit harder to find those in house PR jobs what I’m gonna do now is just start googling a bunch of my favorite brands I’ve always wanted to do beauty marketing and beauty PR which I think a lot of that would be in New York but some of those bigger companies as bigger Beauty companies it’s hard to find someone that you could like email it’s a lot harder to find someone because usually those companies are owned by other companies if not I own other smaller ones so just finding more like independent like things like glossier milk like more brands like that yeah I’m just kind of like looking up different ones Southern Living magazine is in Birmingham Alabama so that could be fun but I don’t know if they do internships I’d love to like work at Teen Vogue refinery29 seventeen allure Cosmo women’s health any of those but those are really hard to find I’m just kind of like doing a lot of digging right now and I’ll get into what goes into an email but first you have to do all your research list bills kind of I’m just kind of looking up companies on because I’m thinking that I want to do in house so right now I’m just like seeing where companies are base I’m trying to find companies that are like based in the cities that I want to be in there’s really not any in Atlanta or Nashville it looks like down here at the bottom I have tabs that say NYC sorry it’s not focusing they in my CDC Atlanta Nashville and other and then within each one so I’ll go to the Atlanta tab so it just says company role application follow up contact contacts roll email phone number this is like a little bit different because these are all online applications with people that I’m just gonna like email that I find they’re like Linked. In and like just decide to email them that’s where I like filling all this stuff I put the application link and then like after I do it I’ll click here and be a follow up check there and then like move on or whatever if I say I’m still list building but I know that this like process of applying for internships it’s gonna be longer than just today what I wanted to do is kind of show you like the steps watch the things you need to apply for internship what I will email people with when I email them is a cover letter and a resume I’ll show you what my resume looks like I have a creative resume and a traditional resume or standard resume whatever you wanna call it and I actually need to update mine because my GPA increased this semester I got my grades back for the fall then I’ll be exported as PDF and override my old one this is what I don’t wanna show you my address let me scroll down alright so everything looks good to me this is what my resume looks like it takes forever to get your resume set up but once you do it it’s really easy cuz you can just kind of send it off but what I would suggest is changing your objective for almost everything you apply to my education all my stuff my campus program study abroad my internships and then at the bottom I have like college and community activities leadership and then skills at the bottom when it comes to cover letters I can do a whole video on this if you guys want I think it’s really important to be kind of witty in your cover letter if you can or like have a good hook at the beginning I always start with I know you get numerous messages so thank you for taking the time to read mine because then it compels you just read the rest of it because you’re like they already thanked me for reading it like I don’t know I got that tip from an entrepreneur in New York one summer but you always want to date it and I would do it in like Times New Roman or something like that twelve point you can do double spaced or not let me apply to one internship so I actually like apply to something in this video so I think actually I’m gonna do is go in my inbox and see who I emailed last year from glossier because I remember talking to someone oh here we go I have an email from the people operations coordinator so I’m gonna reply to this thread I need to go write a cover letter in the Google Docs public through publics I’m a public relations student the University ok I’m gonna type this and then I’ll check in with you and I finally finished my cover letter for lost the eye so I’m just saying I’m Lottie Smalley a third year public relations student at the University of Georgia seeking an incredible summer internship I interned with the digital team at small girls PR in New York City last summer and would love to return to the city for summer 2019 I first connected with glossier when I received a PR package for my channel back in 2017 I fell in love with the products and even more at the brand the radiant original energy that glossier brings to the table is exactly what I’m looking for in a company and I would be more than happy to bring my public relations social and digital media skills to an internship this summer outside of class I enjoy staying involved on campus in numerous extracurricular activities and leadership roles most of which center around communications I have three previous internship experiences where I’ve mastered the importance of clear communication teamwork and creativity New York City is my happy place and anyone I know could tell you that I’d be thrilled to talk further if you think we’re a good fit I would cherish the opportunity to work with glossier for a summer internship and thanks in advance for your consideration I think and thank you in advance for your consideration best Lottie smiley so that’s kind of what a cover letter looks like hey guys I’ve got my email written to my contact at glossier here so we catid last January and I am just sending her a follow up email and I’m saying I wanted to reach back out to you about internship possibilities last spring I found an internship before glossier released any summer opportunities and didn’t have the chance to follow up I’ve attached my resume and cover letter I would love to chat about a potential summer 2019 internship with glossier are you still the best contact to speak with best Lottie and I attached my cover letter and resume so I’m gonna go ahead and send not so that I like actually apply to something yeah I’ve applied to something let me put that on my spreadsheet here I think that it’s so much more effective to email than to like submit something into a portal I know a lot of like the really big internships like with Disney or ABC or NBC those are all through portals and I’ve just found that the portals never email you back apply to some ones you’re interested in if they’re on a portal like don’t roll them out don’t just apply to that and expect to hear back because you probably won’t let’s email someone let’s email kaleidoscope media which is a PR firm in Nashville because I already wrote a cover letter for them last week but I just never sent their email so let’s try to do that one because I don’t think that one truly would be that hard let’s send it you know summer my subject is always summer 2019 internship okay hi kaleidoscope I’m excited to apply for a summer 2019 internship with kaleidoscope media because I can’t live without my tsa Pre. Check and Bonnaroo has flooded my Instagram feed since I was a teen the reason I said that is because those are two of their clients it shows that you’ve done research on the PR firm and then I’m exactly the creative innovative content creator who can be quiet escapes next superstar kaleidoscope letter looks good I’m gonna go ahead and attach my cover letter that I just wrote and I don’t have anyone specifically to address it to so I just said hi kaleidoscope you can say to whom it may concern or like dear sir/madam but I just think that that’s very formal just show your personality because that’s what they really want to see so I attached my cover letter I’m gonna go in and attach my resume done so now I’ve applied it to how exciting okay so I don’t think sending this email to other PR firms and Nashville would really be that hard I’m gonna make a few other cover letters it’s gonna be it for this apply with me for internships video I hope you guys enjoyed it I applied for three internships today you got have to do a little bit every day because it’s very overwhelming when you feel like you have so many to apply for I try to kind of group them by type and then just like blast out the ones that are similar my camera is like overheating and dying so I’m not gonna ramble on but if you want to see more videos about internships and stuff just let me know but in the meantime make you guys so much for watching this video make sure to give that a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and comment down below where you think I should apply for an internship yeah I think I’ll sue me up today mature subscribe if you’re not already and I’ll see you my next video bye everyone ..

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  • Please do more internship videos. Could you talk more in depth and maybe share templates? Also how do you find where to live in places you don’t live in for the summer? Also how to do study abroad too. Love you