Advice On Cover Letters & Cvs With Robert Byk

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turns my top tips for applications firstly understand the firm that you’re applying to so do your research understand the market you’re applying to you understand which firms are in that market and understand fundamentally the reasons why you’re applying to make the application as as good as it possibly can be and then read what the firm says about itself and how you go about applying each firm will have different things that they’re looking for and very specific things now will it we look for a cover letter and a CV we don’t have an online application form other firms will have online application forms where you’re applying to competency based questions our CV for example it doesn’t need to be skills based and in fact shouldn’t be it should be factual more than skills based so you don’t need to draw out those skills we can do that ourselves but each firm will have different requirements finding out very carefully what those requirements are and that includes deadlines making sure that you’re getting your application in the right time and to be honest once you’ve done with your research and you’re confident to your application put it in as early as possible I would say the third thing is accuracy I read through in fact a human being pet slaughtering they read through all of the CDs we don’t filter them by a computer or anything like that so we take time to read through and look at the CDs and covering letters that we receive and so that first impression is important the layout is important the way you put it is important make it easy for us to read not leaving out periods of time where we have to work out what happened and then there’s a point about we understand that stuff happens in life so if there are extenuating circumstances if you feel comfortable about talking about them or telling us about them then tell us so we can get as much information as possible about you the last thing is don’t try and be some sort of perfect corporate lawyer or what you believe a perfect corporate we’re looking to find out about you what makes you tick why you do stuff what interests you what you’re curious about what actually you enjoy doing and so tell us tell us about your interests or society if you do what you’ve established what you get up to if you have to work during term time we’re doing the holiday just because of money then tell us all of that is relevant relevant work experience an interesting for us to get a picture of who you are it then leaves us to decide knowing more about you whether to interview you or good luck with applications and I really hope that it goes well..

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